!! OMG, 18 secretly gay stars of old timey Hollywood !!

Classical Hollywood cinema —popularly known as the Golden Age— was a period in cinematic history between 1910 and 1970 that changed the landscape of movie-making forever. Noted as being an era of experimentation on screen, the same was often reflected in the sex lives of the Hollywood stars off-screen as well.

During this time, homosexuality and bisexuality were still considered taboo, and for most actors and actresses whose sexual preferences didn’t conform to the societal norm of the time, they had little option other than to keep their true sexual identities under wraps for fear of damaging their careers.

Check it out above! So many faves were swinging all ways!

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3 Comments on "OMG, 18 secretly gay stars of old timey Hollywood"

  1. I agree with big Joe !

  2. Hello-

    first off I can’t stand videos with computer generated voiceovers.

    also considering what this video says of Clark Gable why is he
    even in the video???

  3. None of this is revelatory. These same articles have been written for decades now.

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