!! Laura Bush: Mosquito nets cure AIDS !!

Never one to even mention those controversial “condom” thingies, first lady Laura Bush was in Africa last month promoting two even better ways to stop the AIDS crisis: Mosquito nets and Flintsones vitamins!
From her mouth:

It’s often overlooked that one of the essential things in the treatment of AIDS or HIV is good nutrition,

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9 Comments on "Laura Bush: Mosquito nets cure AIDS"

  1. Christine, you didn’t laugh at the premise of this article, so therefore you obviously MUST be one of those hard-core neo-conservative baby-eaters we have all been warned about!

  2. I agree with Suavein650’s assessment of the comments on this article. You are showing your rigid bias and prejudice by refusing to actually read the article or even do any research on the AIDS/HIV epidemic in Africa. Mrs. Bush is there as a good will ambassador and her lack of discussion on the merits of condoms has nothing to do with her being a Republican or her opinion of condoms. African men are extremely suspicious of white medicine and believe that condoms undermine their masculinity and cultural standing. Mrs. Bush would be a fool to publicly discuss condoms or sex in a country that has strict cultural taboos regarding the topic. Perhaps you should consider putting aside your hatred of the administration and Republicans in general long enough to objectively assess the issue. There is a hell of a lot more involved than a First Lady doing a photo op. I am a regular reader of this blog and I, too, am disappointed by the intentionally misleading headline and commentary.
    FYI, if anyone would like references to the above statements, I would be more than happy to oblige. Otherwise, please spare me the puerile assumptions on my parentage,political affiliation, or background. kthx

  3. I don’t think you guys are giving this mosquito net a chance to cure AIDS. Just like you will not support our pResident with this war.
    So don’t come crying to me, when everyone in the world is cured of AIDS but you and there are no more mosquito nets left in the world.
    So, the bottom line is Halliburton is coming out with a new line of AIDS curing and prevention nets that can be purchased for a few thousand bucks.
    Jack Jett

  4. Margarita, I think the point here is YOU are the loser for not reading the article. Bush never said you can get AIDS from a mosquito bite. But malaria is a HUGE problem (killer) in Africa, and for someone with HIV/AIDS or anyone with a weakened imune system malaria can finish you off. And good nutrition is ESSENTIAL in fighting (once again, as has been said here repeatedly, NO ONE stated “preventing”) HIV/AIDS. Anything an infected person can do to keep homeostasis in their body (mainly through nutrition) can help thwart the onset of symptoms and eventually succumbing to the disease.
    I really like this blog, and I respect the author’s opinions (political and otherwise). But I think this particular posting really did a diservice and spawned misinformation (witness Margaritas post).

  5. …and she probably thinks babies come from kissing boys while you’re wearing a wet bathing suit.

  6. She said the “treatment” of AIDS/HIV, not the “prevention.” Good nutrition IS important in those living with AIDS/HIV…well, for any of us.

  7. At least she didn’t say the prevention of AIDS or HIV is good nutrition… *sigh*
    But, how about saying “It’s often overlooked that one of the essential things in the treatment of AIDS or HIV in Africa is MEDICATION” instead? Vitamins are nice; but she should be handing out meds which people with HIV/AIDS in Africa don’t have enough of.

  8. The mosquito nets, as referred to in the newspaper article, were intended to contribute to the eradication of malaria, not HIV or AIDS. In vain did this reader look for evidence of Flintstones Vitamins.
    Cheesy. Very cheesy.

  9. You can’t get AIDS from a mosquito bite! She is a loser. I think staying active and nutrition is a great idea but it won’t work if the victim is ailing or fragile.

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