!! ‘Let’s All Hate Toronto’ !!

Premiering last Friday in Toronto at the Hot Docs film festival, directors Albert Nerenberg and Rob Spence take us on a journey across Canada to discover just why so many Canadians hate Canada’s largest city in their documentary Let’s All Hate Toronto.
It’s playing again this Saturday at the Bloor Cinema if you missed it last week!

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3 Comments on "‘Let’s All Hate Toronto’"

  1. Well I’m from Toronto and I hate the rest of Canada except for the following cities: Winnipeg, Quebec City, parts of Gatineau, Banff, parts of Edmonton, Vancouver and Detroit.

  2. Film is crazy funny. Light-hearted too. Doesn’t say that everyone truly “hates” toronto but that Toronto is an easy target for it. I believe all shows are sold out.
    But you can try to get in by lining up in advance.

  3. Canadians outside of Toronto hate it because they wish they were as technologically advanced. Rolling Hills and Ice are pretty much the rest of Canada. Vancouver may be nice, but you may as well go to China. Toronto is New York without the arrogance.
    Toronto is the best, so they all can suck it. Comments from some nobodies on camera doesn’t mean everyone hates Toronto.

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