!! OMG, how unfortunate: Upscale online matchmaking !!

Forget about Mr. Right. Find Mr. Rich on WealthyMen.com, the newest online matchmaking site, that promises (cross their heart and hope to die) every man on the site is fabulously wealthy and successful.
What could be better? With an Internet guarantee like that, you’re assured a happy ever after. If you want my advice, though, wait for the new wealthyandgoodlookingmen.com, which is launching later this year! (Thanks to Kate F. for the tip!)

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1 Comment on "OMG, how unfortunate: Upscale online matchmaking"

  1. I look to your we site evryday for a good laugh and (hopefully) an eyeful of man flesh. It’s all done with great wit and taste.
    BUT, I take exception to the use of the word retarded.
    It’s a nasty word with hurtful conatations. It also makes those who use it sound ignorant, something you definitely are not.
    Choose another word (there are many) and keep on keeping on.
    Thanks – Furiousdee

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