!! OMG, get slippery: 3 better lubes to try !!

This is a guest post by our friends at The Feltt, a contemporary sexual health and wellness online store. Visit them at thefeltt.com or follow their sexy Instagram account @thefeltt.

When it comes to more pleasurable, safer sex, lube is a must. The anus is not self-lubricating, so choosing the right one will help to facilitate a smooth ride, enhancing pleasure and feel (and avoiding tearing and pain).

A perfect match is based on your body chemistry and preferred types of play. Lubes interact with different bodies in particular ways (and bodies change over time) so sometimes it takes a bit of trial and experimentation to find the right combination.

The average rectal pH is less acidic than the vagina—something to keep in mind when choosing a water-based lube for anal play. A lube that causes stinging, burning or itching could mean that it’s not balanced for your rectum’s pH.

In this guide, The Feltt breaks down their favourite lubes and what they’re best for. See the reviews after the jump!

UberlubeMany folks prefer silicone lube for anal play—it tends to be the longest lasting (because it doesn’t absorb into the body) with a texture that is thicker and slicker than most water-based lubes.

UberLube is a luxurious, multi-purpose silicone lube—you can use it for sex, and it can also be applied to the body to prevent chafing during workouts (because it’s silicone it won’t dissolve in your sweat). It’s also packaged in a discreet, clear-glass bottle with a pump-top and does not stain sheets—perfect for anyone who’s a fan of minimal, intentional design.

Silicone is compatible with condoms, and toys that are made of glass and stainless steel. It’s generally advised not to use silicone lube with silicone toys as they may interact with each other and compromise the quality of the toy.

Silicone is also ideal for water-play as it doesn’t wash away like a water-based lube would (just be careful as any excess will make tiled surfaces VERY slippery).

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Hathor/ SUTIL was founded thirty years ago in British Columbia on guiding principles that are based in simplicity and use of naturally-derived ingredients. The brand is praised for their high quality water-based lubes, which perform like long-lasting silicone.

Their formulations are botanically-derived, eco-certified, vegan, hypoallergenic, compatible with all toys and condoms, and the tubes are biodegradable.

Watch The Feltt’s Hathor/ SUTIL lube viscosity comparison video:

The Body Glide Rich is specially formulated for anal play. It has a thicker viscosity and texture than most other water-based lubes and a pH of 6 for the anus.

Shop Hathor/ SUTIL Body Glide Rich

Body Glide Luxe and the Original Water-Based Lubricant are light and medium viscosity lubes (respectively) which are great for sensitive bodies and both pH balanced for vaginas.

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Shop Hathor/ SUTIL Original Water-Based LubricantIf you go through a lot of lube, you might be looking for a high-quality-yet-economical option.

Slippery Stuff is a unique, water-based gel that was originally developed by the medical community. It has a medium viscosity (so not as thick as Hathor/ SUTIL Body Glide Rich) and a pH of 5.5.

Watch The Feltt’s Slippery Stuff lube viscosity demo:

Slippery Stuff is scent-free and flavour-free, so in addition to being functional for anuses and vaginas, it’s an unobtrusive choice for oral sex (BJs, rimming) as well. 

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The lube tube is a handy little tool designed to deliver a shot of lube with depth and efficiency. If there’s a vagina in the mix, lube tubes also help to keep things hygienic as fingers/ toys/ penises that have been in a butthole should not go near a vagina until washed.

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