!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Madonna teams with Sickick for ‘Frozen’ remix ‘Frozen On Fire’ !!

We all know Madge springs at the opportunity to latch on to new talent, sucking the life out of them on a never-ending quest to move away from her former image of “creating well-produced, well-written, quality music”.

So what better way to get the Gen-Z and TikTok excited than to make a chopped-n-screwed TRAP version video out of one of your classics? We’re just thankful it’s not another ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna’. We couldn’t handle it. Anyway, check out ‘Frozen On Fire’ from Madonna and Sickick above. You know, Madge shoulda stepped further back into 2003 and done a full Electroclash version like Italians Do It Better just released. Now we’re talking!:

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3 Comments on "OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Madonna teams with Sickick for ‘Frozen’ remix ‘Frozen On Fire’"

  1. A remix is NOT reinventing anything, it’s recycling and not creative.
    She was queen in the 80’s. No more.

  2. Couldn’t even make it thru the whole thing – BORING!

  3. Why all the hate-reinventing herself is what she does. And the fact that she collaborated with someone hot make her even more awesome. She’s an amazing woman and should be treated with all the respect the
    QUEEN of POP deserves-and that’s a lot. So save you I need hate for the right wing fundamentalist Christians. Who deserves the hate.

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