!! Michelle Pfeiffer gets a star !!

Michelle Pfeiffer has finally made it! I’m still surprised she didn’t a receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after her thrilling performance as Catwoman in Batman Returns, but better late than never!
I can barely contain my excitement over seeing Ms. Pfeiffer in the new fantasy epic Stardust, which comes out in a short three days!
See another pic of Michelle with her family on the Walk after the jump.

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6 Comments on "Michelle Pfeiffer gets a star"

  1. Yay that she looks good again — I guess the plastic surgery finally settled into her face — she was looking scary for a while!

  2. I’m sure you’re excited about seeing Ms. Pfeiffer in her new movie Stardust however, I’m pretty shocked you have not seen her in Hairspray yet. WTF??? Go see it today before you watch Stardust. She kicks ass in Hairspray. Then reporst back to us.
    Thank You very much…
    A TRUE Pfeiffer fan.

  3. Even Trump has one! WTF?

  4. Ever notice how stars always seem to get a star around the time they have a movie coming out? Stars on the Walk of Fame are for sale just like everyhting else in Hollywood.

  5. She didn’t get the star for her acting abilities..she got it because she filled out an application and submitted the fee…just like everyone else that has one. 60 minutes did a story on it several years ago.

  6. I know, the fact that Ryan f’n Seacrest got his star first kind of says it all about the whole buisness.

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