!! Cell phone with a bonus !!

A British man who bought a second-hand cellphone got an erotic surprise while exploring the video functionality of his new purchase. The previous owner had recorded “obscene acts” that had not been deleted. Needless to say, the new owner was offended, perhaps because he is a professional “life coach.” (via Feyfriends)

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4 Comments on "Cell phone with a bonus"

  1. Hell,most of us would pay extra if our phones came with “obscene” video already on it.

  2. After reading the linked article, it became clear to me that this guy is really not so bright. He couldn’t figure out that he was being sold a used phone – even though it was sold without a box and without instructions.
    “Life coach”…. Yeah, right.

  3. OMG He’s A Loser~What The Hell Is A Life Coach

  4. Oh my! I saw something sexual! I am entitled to compensation!
    Although I agree it’s wrong if he was led to believe it was new, the fact that it was sold to him without a box should’ve aroused (no pun intended ) some suspicion in this “bloke.”
    I bought a new phone on eBay and it arrived as described, probably than he paid, but you can’t film yourself on it.

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