!! Leprechaun in peril in Mobile, Alabama !!

This clip from a local Alabama news station shows an investigation into leprechaun sightings around St. Patrick’s Day. My favorite parts include the “amateur sketch” of the leprechaun, the woman who think it might just be a crackhead in a tree, and the black man who has a “leprechaun flute” passed down from his “great-grandfather who was Irish.” (Thanks to Daniel M. for this amazing clip!)

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4 Comments on "Leprechaun in peril in Mobile, Alabama"

  1. i live in Dublin, Ireland. have done for 19 years and in that have seen a leprechaun, heard people talking about leprechauns. The worst we get is tourists with leprechaun hats. I’m LMAO here!
    What’s next? The blarney stone?

  2. I am from Mobile, Alabama and I have to admit that even we in the city were shocked at how stupid some of our citizens can be. This one excerpt from our news program caused many many nights of laughter in the pubs. What’s even crazier is that someone in California made shirts out of the sketch and is selling them on the internet. They’re kinda cool (And yes, I own one) LOL LOL

  3. Oh my god. I live in Alabama, and even I am repulsed at this. We’re not doing much to convince the rest of the country that we aren’t a bunch of inbred hicks.
    This video embarrasses me beyond words.

  4. I love that the man’s “leprechaun flute” was passed down “thousands of years ago” from his “great great grandfather”. How old was his great great grandfather? I mean, thousands of years? As in before Christ? wow.

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