!! Most romantic yearbook photo !!

Do we need any more evidence that these two are deeply in love and will be together forever with their baby? (Thanks to Aaron for the tip!)

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16 Comments on "Most romantic yearbook photo"

  1. I feel sorry for that baby. Maybe they will do a JUNO and give it up for adoption.

  2. I laughed at the pic right away but then I was struck by how huge and beautiful his hands are. I then thought ” I never look at hands…why do I like his hands so much?”. So once I read the comments I saw that I wasn’t alone that he has “the” hands but they’re alomst too perfect and too big for his head. Strange yet exciting.

  3. Gaybrows! Gaybrows! Gaybrows!

  4. blond dye check. tattoo check. earring on right ear check. unusually darker than he should be check. yup he’s gay allright fellas.

  5. Those well-manicured eyebrows say everything about how long this’ll last.

  6. well you know what they say about big hands…

  7. hes got beautiful hands and she looks rotfl

  8. operahouseguy | April 14, 2008 at 4:25 pm | Reply

    Is it just me or does anyone else think his hands seem unusually large for his head? Maybe there’s been some PhotoShopping going on here? Regardless, I’d still do him!

  9. I love the “romantic” way that he is grabbing her ass. That is a timeless classic and a very tasteful way to say shotgun wedding…oops…I love you!
    The baby will be proud of this beautiful photo of his/her parents when he/she grows up.
    It’s a redneck Richard Avedon homage!
    Pumpkin Man

  10. EUGH. i hate that late 90’s frosted hair…grosss.

  11. They look like every couple from my small Kansas high school. Thank God I moved east…

  12. Hmmmm, he’s a little too cute to be straight….bet he’s not the father…

  13. the true icing on the cake for me is his hand on her ass.. omg is right

  14. I get the feeling that maybe she isnt really his type…

  15. hahahaha great!

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