!! OMG, how expensive: Natalie’s virginity !!

Do you think anyone would bid $5 million for your virginity? Natalie Dylan of the UK is auctioning hers off to pay for her masters degree in Family and Marriage Therapy and has received offers up to that amount.
And before you say she should be ashamed of herself, know that she is a Womens Studies major so this all is very post-everything.

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7 Comments on "OMG, how expensive: Natalie’s virginity"

  1. she is of the U.S

  2. At least she’ll get a degree out of it(maybe). . . and hopefully a career.
    I know way too many people with their Master’s or PhD and out of work.

  3. i saw her on tyra about a month ago.

  4. right–just put the women’s studies label in front of it and that makes it kosher–you need your head examined and so does she if she is going to be a therapist

  5. Please, I gave mine away for a white russian and a promise that the port-o-potty was ‘really clean.’

  6. Er… I don’t think prostitution is post-anything.

  7. and to think I gave mine away for a bottle of Boones Farm and a 90’s mix tape…

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