!! Movie Memories: Lioness picks ‘Eastern Promises’ !!

Movie Memories is the ongoing feature in which we ask famous people to recall the scene of male nudity that left an indelible impression on their once-impressionable minds. This week, Vanessa Fischer, the fiercely frizzy front woman of Toronto disco rockers Lioness, remembers Viggo Mortensen’s naked knife fight from Eastern Promises.

“He was just sitting there, towel over his head, trying to release some stress when Russian gangsters come in thinking he’s someone else,” she recalls, biting ever-so-gently on her quivering lip. “So begins the naked knife fight: His flesh pounding into the tiles of the bathhouse. Blood and sweat dripping down his inked flesh to the floor. Rolling around and kicking, stabbing people in the eye. There’s certainly something sexy when a man isn’t afraid to fight for his life naked against two guys with knives. Kind of makes you think anything is possible…”

Watch the now-infamous (NSFW) clip after the jump! And if you’re in Toronto this Friday, November 14, check out Lioness’ album release party at Wrongbar (1279 Queen St. W). Details via Myspace.

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