!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Big Brother’ reality star Paulie Calafiore !!

These pre-tattoo photoshoot shots of Big Brother star Paulie Califiore (brother of the equally not-shy Cody) are making their way around Tumblr, and we don’t mind revisiting them one bit! Check him out after the NSFW jump! When’s he gonna shoot for Sean Cody already!?

CLICK TO ENLARGE! Watch Paulie in Big Brother Season 18 on Amazon.

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48 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: ‘Big Brother’ reality star Paulie Calafiore"

  1. OMG. Love him. I can’t breathe. So hot. I would eat him whole.

  2. What happened to my comment??? It showed up last week but now it’s gone. While certain regulars (eg. Wolverine) dominate the conversation…

  3. he is a beautiful Adonis

  4. Hello-

    in erect dick pics posted shortly after his season of Big Brother aired he was clearly
    cut yet in these pics he’s uncut. ?????????????????????????????????????

  5. The pics are legit. They were taken by photographer Rick Day while Paulie was trying to become a model.

  6. elsayed ismail | November 1, 2018 at 4:12 pm | Reply

    he has long fat penis and nice butt,he is sexy and hot

  7. always the prisspots shrieking FAKE FAKE FAKE!

  8. Just a heads up. A cropped version of one the pictures is in his Instagram page…

  9. Bruce Alexander | October 31, 2018 at 11:00 am | Reply

    Damn that is one delicious set he has. YUMMMMM

  10. That ass looks pretty real

  11. I wish I could’ve taken the pics. He can shoot deep in my mouth. Alexandria, Va here

  12. Hot hot hot

  13. Richard Vestal | October 31, 2018 at 12:20 am | Reply

    I just wonder who got to take the pics of him laying on that bed. Not bad

  14. That is one seriously photoshopped peen

  15. I still think that Cody is hotter but Paulie has a nice ass and dick. For those who say the pics are fake–you are WRONG. If you search the net you will see that he had some nudes surface right after he appeared on BB. It’s the same penis people. That being said–he could get it. He’s a cheater though. He cheated on his gf with Cara Maria from The Challenge. I read an interview where they both admitted to hooking up while he had a gf. Paulie and Cara are now dating.

  16. Him or not… that’s pretty beautiful.

  17. Fake

  18. Hate all this pube shaving, want a real man.

  19. These are as fake as press-on nails… hey baby girl!

  20. nice bod

  21. What a bunch of idiots! It says PRE-TATTOO’S at the beginning LOL It is him! look at pictures 2 and 6 and look at the 2 veins popping out below his navel!!! Nice fat cock to suck and swallow!

  22. So even when they put “pre-tattoo” in the description, there are still a bunch of morons who claim it’s fake because there’s no tattoo. Do they really think that people are born with tattoos or something?

  23. Clearly fake!

  24. Its bot him cause the tattoo on his left leg is gone—hot but sadly fake i think

  25. Not him. Paulie’s hair is badly thinning and thirsty as hell, while the nude guy below has a pretty nice head of hair. These are fake.

    • Did you not even read the description of the post? These pics are pre-tattoos, therefore they are from a few years back. Thus his hair was probably thicker back then.

  26. Missing tattoos. It’s not him.

    • Did you even read the description of the post? The very first sentence says, “These pre-tattoo photoshoot shots…” Therefore these were taken a couple of years ago, BEFORE he got inked.

  27. these are actual confirmed shots by rick day. delicious

  28. Nice

  29. Santa Baby, install this man under my tree, ooh wee

  30. 20 years too late for Playgirl, but hot nonetheless in spite of the trimmed pubes.

  31. Hello-

    these pics are proof positive that tunblr, snapchat etc……… brings out the
    exhibitionist is many people. also how do we know the fancy professionally shot
    pics are him? we don’t really get a clear view of his face.

    • Do a Google search and you’ll discover that he did indeed do this nude photoshoot a couple of years back.

  32. Mmmm! Very nice!

    Just wondering… these are not all “Rite of passage dick pics” but actually staged. What lucky stiff [pun intended] got to set, fluff and take these?

  33. He’s a midget douche with a bad temper…pass.

    I rather see Victor Arroyo….now that’s a real hot horny sexy and tall man!

    • Victor is cute and has a MUCH better personality, but he does not compare in the dick department. If you want funny, fit, and hung from Big Brother as of late… Paul Abrahamian fits all those… and goes both ways.

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