!! OMG, they’re naked on the farm: Fabian Castro & Christian Blanch in ‘Wild Awakening’ !!

Wild Awakening Fabian Castro Christian BlanchThis post is sponsored by our friends at Mr.Man.

Wild Awakening is a tale of forbidden gay barnyard lust (yes, really), and we could probably stop there, but let’s unpack the plot a little further: Toni (Fabian Castro) owns a horse farm, and is well-known for hooking up with the many gorgeous guys who frequent his property. The foreman’s son Aaron (Christian Blanch) isn’t as certain about his sexuality, but sorts things out pretty quickly when overcome with desire for Toni (spoiler: they both get naked and actors Raúl López and Carlos Plaza also strip down for a glorious gay romp.)

Check out the top five reasons (with GIF evidence) why we’re wild for Wild Awakening after the NSFW jump!

1) Fabián Castro takes a steamy shower.Fabian Castro shower2) Oh, and so does Christian Blanch, showing off some serious girth.3) Tan lines are always a good thing! See more gay love scenes here.4) The horses aren’t the only ones naked in public.5) No amount of scruff is ever enough.


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6 Comments on "OMG, they’re naked on the farm: Fabian Castro & Christian Blanch in ‘Wild Awakening’"

  1. Nice

  2. Movie is reaaaaaly not worth the rental price. Hardly any nudity at all, btw, contrary to marketing.

  3. Looks interesting to say the least. BTW, isn’t that a zebra in the outdoor shot?

  4. Sweet Jesus! I wish I could have some of this.

  5. This is a hot movie…Pedro Almodovar meets Christian Bjorn. A definitely must see!

  6. Just two hot guys I want!! Yes

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