15 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Paul Mescal from ‘Normal People’ goes full-frontal"

  1. oh please, it’s big


  3. Where can I see this movie at? I wish you would add that to your postings.

  4. Back handed compliment. Nice!

  5. Who cares

  6. Hello-

    why are actors from Europe less uptight about frontal nudity than U.S. actors.
    in fact I can’t remember the last time the male lead in a studio film had a
    frontal nude scene.

  7. Small dick, but cute with nice body

  8. OMG.BLOG is always about a year behind everyone else haha

  9. He’s a hot guy. He’s naturally sexy, not overly coiffed and groomed and overly muscled. He sort of reminds me of Logan and Jake Paul.

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