!! OMG, Adam Rippon wore his favorite leather harness to The Oscars red carpet !!

If you’ve been living in a cave and didn’t happen to catch wind of the news, Olympain Adam Rippon is GAY! He identifies as a homosexual. So, given that information, (and letting it inform his look in an obvious manner) Adam didn’t let a tiny thing like the Oscars red carpet stop him from showing his taste for ah-leatherrrr off in Moschino by rocking his fave leather-daddy harness. He’s horned and liberated, people! No matter the occasion!

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13 Comments on "OMG, Adam Rippon wore his favorite leather harness to The Oscars red carpet"

  1. Maybe he has a suit and leather fetish. GO BOY

  2. Ah, he’s a nice kid and it’s fine to let his youth dictate the occasional mistake. We were all there once. Still, the best I’ve heard is:

    “When you have the Oscar’s at 8 and a spit-roasting in the ‘Pit’ at 11.”

  3. . Embarrassing for the rest of us. Sit down queen!

  4. He’s so hot! Would love to cum inside him.

  5. Well I don’t care about the bashers I think Adam is nice looking entertaining a good wit, talented athlete and looks quite smart in his Oscar’s outfit .

  6. He certainly is no daddy. Being gay myself, i find him annoying and yes another Frankie grande

  7. OHkayyy the nasty queens are out posting comments up in here today….

  8. Does anybody else think he is a media whore like Frankie Grande? What the hell was he doing at the Oscars anyway? Was he lost and was suppose to be across the street at the movies? I hope his 15 minutes are up!

  9. A bit over kill, sorry but this why so many people can’t stand to look at us, it didn’t do anything for the gay community other than say, we’re just so different to be accepted by the rest of humanity. He needs to grow up.

  10. Hello-

    I have never understood the connection fostered even by the powers that be of
    the gay community between leather and being gay. I simply don’t get it.

  11. I wonder what he’ll have left when his sporting days are over? Because even right now, his entire personality and raison d’etre seems to revolve around being gay. A life that revolves around what stimulates his sex organ. Even Neanderthals had a wider scope than that.

    It’s a sad day when beings like humans like him regress to centring all that they are onto the most primitive and basic human function.

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