!! OMG, AI-made some art out of the words ‘gay rights’ and this is what it came up with… !!

Reddit users are gagging over artwork that AI created with the phrase “gay rights” as a prompt.

The result shows a demonic face with horn-like protrusions and glowing yellow eyes. So yes, it looks like a depiction of Satan. Oh, but there’s a rainbow in the background, so it’s like the prompt might as well have been, “The Devil, but make him an LGBTQ ally.”

UGH! How judgey of you, AI! I guess all those keywords from the South really jumbled up your perception of us. Check out the work in question after the jump!

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7 Comments on "OMG, AI-made some art out of the words ‘gay rights’ and this is what it came up with…"

  1. More proof AI art isn’t really. Singilaritarians need to just live in the Metaverse; the real world doesn’t need them.

  2. Not to defend AI–which quickly goes from amusing to dangerous in almost every use that we come up with for it– but I think the issue here might be that a computer can’t necessarily distinguish between “rights” in the legal/human sense of the word and “right” as in right-wing or right vs. wrong, which when paired with “gay” generated a visual representation of what is most common in the cesspool that is the internet: a moralistic conflation of LGBTQ people with sacrilege/satanism/moral decay as conceived of by many conservative Americans and institutionalized religions.

  3. I dabbled with DALL-E (aka craiyon) and now use Midjourney, and unless they provide proof by showing everyone the prompts they used to generate this image vs just saying it’s what they used, they literally could have input anything.

  4. Just two words, really?!? I call BULLSH*T!

  5. Well how judgey of you too! Painting everyone from the South with the same brush! That kind of thinking is backwards as is people who judge I’ve always lived in the South and never had any issues regarding my sexuality. I could easily say it’s keywords from the north and west espousing gender ideology.

  6. Hit Lars Doody | October 11, 2022 at 12:05 am | Reply

    based ai

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