!! OMG, Alyssa Milano debuts new cornrow hairstyle, the reactions from the people in background of the photo says it all !!

Actress Alyssa Milano may have gotten more than she bargained for when she took to Instagram to debut her new cornrows look. First, the commenters weren’t having it and cried cultural appropriation almost immediately, and second the people in the shoe store behind her served up looks that really said it all!

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12 Comments on "OMG, Alyssa Milano debuts new cornrow hairstyle, the reactions from the people in background of the photo says it all"

  1. Of all the people behind her only one is making a gas-face and it might be because someone is taking a selfie. Two of the others have no expression and two are looking the other way.
    Maybe you have the magic power to read the minds of African-Americans and know their deepest feelings and thoughts but…I doubt it.

  2. This is what’s wrong with American Society…when a caucasian person does something out of the ordinary..society screams cultural appropriation hence, the black american community raises their eyebrows…but when a black american woman puts on a blond wig o r weave…no one says anything? better yet even an asian women changing their hair color to blond no one says anything? why..???

  3. Her clothing looks more disgusting than her hair doo-doo….


  5. Enough with the cultural appropriation bull — especially on the hair subject which is being perpetuated by people lacking knowledge of all types of cultures around the world who played with their in this manner.


  7. I could not be more sick of the phrase and concept of cultural appropriation. It’s fucking braids in somebody’s hair.

    • you think people of colour enjoy seeing their cultures appropriated by clueless white people? do you value your own feelings over theirs? clearly.

      • “Appropriation” is meaningless. She likes the hairstyle, she paid a person to have it done to her. She didn’t “appropriate” or steal anything any more than she’s “appropriating” Japanese culture when she eats sushi. Quit victimizing yourself, it’s embarrassing.

        You didn’t contribute to your culture. You have no say on who can appreciate it.

      • Nancy, everyone is entitled to an unattractive hairstyle. A bunch of idiots behind her who are wearing wigs, wearing extensions, relaxing, and bleaching their hair to mimic White people don’t get to decide who wears what unless they too all want to wear traditional African dress and hairstyles.

  8. god knows i wanna go seriously off on this. and i wrote a scary rant. but i don’t wanna wear out my welcome as a commentator on a blog that i adore like fuck and visit several times a day. so i’ll just say this:

    1) she looks great.

    2) there are more important things that Alyssa’s hair.

    3) folks should be able to wear want they want with one caveat:

    4) some cultural styles require sensitivity to people or groups that have been historically oppressed. sensitivity, not censorship. one example is the “hitler mustache”…wearing such a style is potentially inflammatory to jewish people and all those affected by the Holocaust. to a lesser extent, dreads and cornrows occupy this space. they are black styles long worn in black communities and specifically designed for the texture of black hair. when celebrities wear these styles for commercial purposes (bo derek made money when she rocked cornrows and alyssa’s making money too from her posts) it sends the signal that black people’s efforts can be commercialized by whites in ways that often do not come back to black people. and it’s important to be sensitive to that kind of potential injustice.

    5) does it mean censoring white people? fuck no! does it mean that white people (and all people who are different from a historically oppressed group) need to be a little more sensitive sometimes? fuck yes!

    so that’s my take shortened down from my original scarier rant…

    ps: since you posted something about alyssa, please consider posting those pics of tony danza’s INCREDIBLE uncut cock so we know “who’s the boss!”

    (gay latino/mixed race transman college student commentator-in-residence)

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