!! OMG, artist transforms strangers into Pixar-like cartoons !!

Lance Phan is a gifted 3D artist who makes strangers’ childhood dreams come true by transforming them into awesome characters that look like they stepped out from a new Pixar or Disney film. Check out some of his work after the jump!


[via boredpanda]

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3 Comments on "OMG, artist transforms strangers into Pixar-like cartoons"

  1. Bruce Alexander | October 25, 2018 at 4:34 pm | Reply

    My GOD this guy is AMAZING!!! I think it is absolutely fantastic to have the ability to do something so great. I also agree with GaryK and would love to see myself now AND when I was a teenager, just to see the comparison side-by-side.
    Absolutely fantastic artist. Keep going guy!

  2. WOW. The artist is a genius. I wonder if he can take this grandpa and convert him back to his studly age of 18, when i was a mere hunk, in 1969 when drinking was legal in New York State, give me back my ginger hair, in a faux-hawk and of course make me lose 125 pounds and gorgeous?

  3. This artist is extremely talented and very skilled. I’m very impressed with the facial hair, especially the scruff, on a few of the men. Even the hair on the forearms on a couple of the men looked amazing. I’m just disappointed that none of his male subjects seemed to have any chest hair because I would’ve loved to see that.

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