7 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Liam Hemsworth gives us ROUND 2 of his wet suit removal"

  1. I agree with @JJ those Hensworth brothers can BOTH get it!

  2. I don’t think he minds too much. He obviously knows he’s being photographed, yet he still pulled the wetsuit halfway down his ass. That had to be intentional, right?

  3. them Hemsworth boys lawd.lol

  4. I love ANYTHING with the surname of Hemsworth, but his photos are telling me he’s had enough of the paparazzi harassing him in public.

    How about we just give the guy a little privacy? He has his Beiber and Orlando moments every now and then; we’ll catch up to him when he’s a little more… social.

  5. Nice ass! When he gets tired of that attention getting tramp he’s with, I’m available!

  6. Hemsie never seems to get out of that wet surf suit. But I’m sure that at some point he does. So there must be more pictures. The good pictures, the penis pictures.

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