!! OMG, call your Squirrel Friends and make sure to VOTE, OKURRRRRRR !!

COME THRU, AUNT JEMIMA HANDBAG!! Sam Pancake and Justin Martindale are back with a new “Squirrel Friends” video about VOTING and this time they’re joined by Darryl Stephens, Nico Santos and Tom Lenk! “She is giving me executive Talbots realness!” Check out their message above, OKURRRRR!

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3 Comments on "OMG, call your Squirrel Friends and make sure to VOTE, OKURRRRRRR"

  1. #eyerollsforAdam

    You must be a real joy to be around.

  2. I love your curating, Igor, but another perspective on this is worth sharing…

    1. “COME THRU, AUNT JEMIMA HANDBAG!” is a really forcing the racist reference just a bit too much for me.

    2. I’m tired of everybody mimicking the tremendous verbal style of decades of Black/Latinx people in the vogue ball community (including legions of drag queens outside of the community: yup, RuPaul too…he stole the lyrics for his entire song “Supermodel” from a clip from the film “Paris Is Burning”…”Shante, Shante, Shante,” etc., were the spoken word artistry of Junior Labeija who never got compensated for RuPaul’s thievery).

    3. Such poaching would be okay if it was genuine collaboration and Black/Latinx ballwalkers were featured more in opportunities and paid for it.

    But a bunch of White gay men on lawn chairs straining to do a weak, incredibly forced comedy bit taking the lingo out of context (despite the appearance of two token POC: Nico Santos and Darryl Stephens) is just tired and annoying.

  3. They gave me life!

    But, I’m with Jill Stein.

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