!! OMG, more than meets the ear: Pinball game soundtracks !!

Arcades aren’t around these days, so it’s easy to forget what a fun sensory overload they could be! Flashing lights, bright animations and sounds blasting! It’s basically a nightclub!!

In an age where everything is computer-programmed, maybe that doesn’t sound so exciting, but in the ’80s, it took impressive efforts to make these detailed machines.

Like, the pin-ball game Xenon didn’t just write its own soundtrack; Suzanne Ciani had to write code to make those synths and loops!

Check out how the soundtrack for a pinball machine was made, after the jump!


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2 Comments on "OMG, more than meets the ear: Pinball game soundtracks"

  1. ^^ That… came to the comments to say that ^^ Thank you

  2. Arcades aren’t around these days??? There are literally 1000’s of arcades across the US. LOL. Pretty much every mall and every movie theatre in the country has video games. In San Francisco alone we have about 20 arcades.

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