!! OMG, Cynthia Nixon is selling ‘Unqualified Lesbian’ pins to promote her run for Governor of New York !!

Cynthia was called an “unqualified lesbian” by former NYC Speaker Christine Quinn after her announcement that she was running for Governor of New York, so she’s taking that hate speech, making it her own by turning it into a reminder of her campaign! YES! You can pick up one of the pins HERE. Get yours today!

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5 Comments on "OMG, Cynthia Nixon is selling ‘Unqualified Lesbian’ pins to promote her run for Governor of New York"

  1. Didn’t realise you had to qualify to be a lesbian, is the test written or oral?

  2. Come on get real !!! She is not qualified to be governor of New York. She has not held any elected office. Has Trump taught you anything !!!. Igor why are you pushing for her to be governor ????

  3. How about running on principles and mission verses that you’re a big lesbian There’s a thought. Most normal people are tired of these lame gender and identity politics. I don’t give two fucks that she is a lesbian.

  4. Good to see more of “our” people running for office. I will have to look up where exactly she stands on the policies. Hopefully she is not another corporate democrat. We need more progressives in office.

    I bet her most asked question is, “Is Sarah Jessica Parker a dick in real life?”

  5. ‘Christine Callaghan Quinn is an American politician. A member of the Democratic Party, she formerly served as the Speaker of the New York City Council. The third person to hold this office, she was the first female and first openly gay speaker.’…not exactly hate speech.

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