!! OMG, FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK! The host of THE APPRENTICE, Donald Trump, has taken control of The United States Of America !!

…and I couldn’t even bring myself to press play on this acceptance speech, because to be quite honest, I couldn’t really give two shits about the vile garbage that spews out of this bloated Oompa Loompa’s mouth – but I guess we’re gonna have to begin to, because it’s about to start affecting the entire planet!

If you’re just joining us from your slumber, and you feel like you’ve woken up into an alternate, nightmarish reality – you’re not alone! Get ready to roll back a whole lotta progress Ammurrica! If you didn’t go out and vote, or you voted for Trump and you are LGBTQ or an immigrant to America – hopefully you won’t mind when he takes back your own civil rights, cuts funding for HIV research and support, places it elsewhere (Mike Pence supports gay conversion therapy), denies your sister the right to make decisions for her own body, and deports your loved ones! And if you have it in your head that Mexicans and Muslims are the only minorities Trump’s capable of discriminating against, and you think you don’t need to be concerned or that it doesn’t apply to you, then I challenge you to consider who might be next in line on that list. Just sayin’!

Maybe you just ate something you shouldn’t have, or you drank too much last night trying to drown your sads and it’s only 9am but you’re trying to make yourself puke before work – then check out big D‘s acceptance speech above! I promise it’ll work wonders. (Oh, and is it just us, or does he look a bit worried?)

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3 Comments on "OMG, FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK! The host of THE APPRENTICE, Donald Trump, has taken control of The United States Of America"

  1. Relax. His speech was pretty good and whatever his faults, he didn’t take money from Qatar and Saudi Arabia and other countries that throw us off buildings.

  2. this morning did feel like when you take that seemingly hot trick home from the bar and wake up sober realizing what you really got….

  3. I posted this on Facebook: I didn’t want to share this earlier, because I was afraid it might end up as it did. I had a dream that I met members of the Nixon family. I shook hands with one of his daughters and while he was there in a wheelchair, I only saw the back of his head. Since 1968 when Nixon was elected, the Republicans have been in the White house for 28 years: Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush and his son, W. The Democrats for 18: Carter, Clinton and Obama. Now we have this weasel. Look at the accomplishments of the Republicans during that time: Watergate, the Gulf War, the War in Iraq, a debt in the trillions of dollars. Oh, and W was the most environmentally dangerous President we ever had, not to mention that he methodically dismantled the New Deal.
    The Democrats? Support for mental health issues, human rights and health care for everyone, not to mention, a lower debt. I know I’m just scratching the surface. So now we’ll be getting a wall to keep out “immigrants,” women and GLBTQ people will have to flight for their rights, health care for everyone will get more expensive and sexism, racism and bigotry will rear their ugly heads even louder and worse than ever. I worry about gun violence, and ever more, about my health care and my well-earned Senior benefits. What will happen to Social Security and Medicare?
    I went to bed thinking that if we can survive Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes, we can survive the Weasel. This morning, I’m not so sure. Stay strong and remember YOU HAVE A VOICE SO USE IT!!! OFTEN!!!

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