!! OMG, gay LA Duh-RAMAAA! Canary Chad from FINDING PRINCE CHARMING had some thangs to say about The Prince on Instagram !!

Reunion Recap.. I just have to get this off my chest. Since the word "authentic" was used so many times on the show Finding Prince Charming by that fraud of a bachelor. I think it's time that someone takes heed to their own advice. How about being authentic that you're still hooking. It's been proven many times that you are. Also branding yourself as an "interior designer" when we all know that is a completely, and poorly, manufactured FAKE business, I mean, your portfolio speaks for itself. How about coming clean that you embezzled over $40K from the Atlanta rainbow crosswalks project. I just happen to be friends with some of the donors. They want their money back! Also, stealing Rolex's off the nightstand of your hookups. How about being authentic about the fact that you have physically abused your partners in every relationship that you have had, including and not limited to launching blunt objects at their head, like a computer. How about being authentic about the fact that you actively pursued me, Brandon, Eric and Paul right after the show wrapped. How about being authentic about seeing your Johns just before and AFTER the show finalized shooting. Oh, and last but definitely not least, how about that time you pursued me a DAY after you were with Eric to try and hook up with me in Chicago during market days after saying you were not with anyone. Just to be very clear, none of us knew about Roberts past and consequently, his present about being a rent boy. Here's a lovely pic of Robert and I at Market Days in Chicago. For the record, he tried to sleep with me. But even then, without knowing what I know now, I wouldn't go near that science experiment. And by science experiment I'm talking about his penis. I insisted that we should just cuddle. Stop LYING! Peace out you sociopathic ho! #realtalk #thetruth #exposed

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Thoughts? Did you watch the show? What do you think? Is Chad overreacting? Or is this about on par in terms of the kind of Instagram reaction you’ll get from a guy living in West Hollywood?

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6 Comments on "OMG, gay LA Duh-RAMAAA! Canary Chad from FINDING PRINCE CHARMING had some thangs to say about The Prince on Instagram"


  2. What a bunch of sad people.

  3. The only INTERESTING thing about Robert, the allegely successful ‘designer’ (seriously, google this one up.. it’s hysterical) was that he hooked/or is hooking. He is so patently dull, that adding this to his life experience teetered on giving him debth and stories. But, even he can make sexwork uninteresting. Thanks, Chad for letting loose.

  4. Why does he say his penis is a science experiment?

  5. If you’re stupid and desperate enough to be a contestant on a show like this in the first place, you’re a f-cking idiot. How many of the other guys there are hustlers? I’m sure Robert wasn’t the only one.

  6. It’s always fun when a pretty, dumb, guy has a public mental awakening…and it’s about time Prince Charming was publicly called out for being human garbage.

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