!! OMG, Gillette’s inspiring new toxic masculinity ad asks: “Is this the best a man can get?” !!

Brilliant ad, but not surprising that men are down-voting it in on Youtube in the hundreds of thousands… A bit of butt-hurt, maybe!? Check out the new Gilette commercial above!

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12 Comments on "OMG, Gillette’s inspiring new toxic masculinity ad asks: “Is this the best a man can get?”"

  1. bravo gillette… if you are a man who is offended by this ad, then i suppose you are exactly the type of man who who should heed its message.

  2. Gillette belongs to Procter & Gamble who run tests on animals. THAT could also be a reason why people downvote their spots! It’s certainly the reason why I don’t like this company and do not buy from them.

  3. As a gay man, I view this promo as so very offensive. Gilette, I’m fine with you and your products. I bought your razor because I like how I looked and felt. However, now that you’ve decided to TELL me how I should act rather than why your product is the best for me to use???? NEVER ANOTHER PENNY OF MY FUNDS TO YOUR BOTYOM LINE!!!!

  4. Here is why this is bad.

    I do not want messages in my advertisements . I want advertisements about what I am buying. I want to know why the product you are selling is good not what your belife system is.

    This add is terribel as it generalizes men. I can see from the comments here the “Men” here are as infantile as the men complaining. CAuse no matter which side you are on you have onlind coward who will call you names and talke shit

  5. Great ad!!

  6. William Donlen | January 15, 2019 at 4:22 pm | Reply

    Having been one of the “outsiders”, even though I didn’t know it, I can surely sympathize. Had 2 fights growing up, lost both, learned NOT to fight but to think/reason. We’re witnessing this in gov’t. today and the “MEN” don’t want to or don’t know how to say.’STOP, GET OUT!” Here’s a real tragedy, spomnsored by two Ancient Greek trip-ups: Hubris and lust!!

  7. No it’s not being butt-hurt it’s called stereotyping. Not all men act are arrogant, cat calling animals and that is EXACTLY what they are selling in this “ad”.
    They should stick to selling razors….period!
    The only thing I took away from this is that Gillette will not be getting anymore of my money for their overpriced products that are made by people who earn pennies an hour so they can sell these things for well over $10 each and $30 for a pack of 8 refills, just so they can afford to produce ads like this.

    • I thought people had figured out saying #NotAllMen unironically leads to them getting roasted.

      Jim, no one but your porcelain fragile self thought anyone was calling anyone arrogant, catcalling animals. It was rightly pointing out that men are pressured to compete with other men to embody hypermasculine ideals that are often really harmful. Who of us hasn’t experienced that before?

      Take a chill pill, Jill. Every post I read you’re shitting yourself in the comments.

    • snowflake triggered

    • Not at any point did the ad say all men. It said we can do better. The fact that it got 500K down votes tells me a lot of men don’t want to do better. I hear it all the time. The Metoo movement has gone too far, I should never work again because I grabbed a boob. No, you should not be allowed to work until you realize what you did was wrong. I love how straight white men suddenly feel victimized. Welcome to the club.

  8. Trolls will be trolls, especially in the Trump era.

    Kudos to Gillette for taking the matter head on!

  9. Very beautiful message! I hope it gets plenty of air time!

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