!! OMG, go with her: CHRISTEENE ‘Butt Muscle’ !!

Christeene and Michele Lamy in 'Butt Muscle' video

CHRISTEENE has released an extremely vivid (and NSFW) video for her new single “Butt Muscle,” a song that takes you to the verge of sensory overload with its throbbing bass sounds and hypnotic mantras. If you’re never seen CHRISTEENE live, get there next time. Her performances take you by the hand and lead you into a hole of sexual enlightenment from where you might never want to return.

The Matt Lambert-directed video for “Butt Muscle” features CHRISTEENE, her two dancers Silky and Thomas, adult performer Ashley Ryder, and fashion designer Rick Owens (there is a really special scene with Rick’s hair) and his partner Michele Lamy. If you feel grossed out by the video, please read this quote from CHRISTEENE (from her Dazed interview) before crafting your comment:

I think [the secret is] being vulnerable. And allowing yourself to drop those goddamn images that we’ve seen on what is sexual, what is transgressive shit and your own vulnerability mixed with your family and whatever kind of fucking sexuality that you have. No one has the same kind of sexuality. Everyone’s got their strange tastes inside their mouths and their brains, so if you allow yourself the vulnerability to release those things, that’s all the shit you need to get out there. Just find the right platform and family to do it.

Watch the “Butt Muscle” video after the jump!

(via Dazed)

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2 Comments on "OMG, go with her: CHRISTEENE ‘Butt Muscle’"

  1. She is brilliant. For some real fun, look for a movie called Fourplay. Paul Soileau (Christeene) plays a San Francisco sex worker. It’s fantastic.

  2. That was extreme (for a music video)
    The bf loves CHRISTEENE’s other work. Pretty sure he’ll love this too.

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