!! OMG, gobble gobble! Happy Thanksgiving from a shirtless Nyle DiMarco !!

Something to wet your gizzard! ANTM winner and advocate for deaf hotties everywhere, Nyle DiMarco, brings the Thanksgiving cheer! He’s ready to stuff your turkey!

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7 Comments on "OMG, gobble gobble! Happy Thanksgiving from a shirtless Nyle DiMarco"

  1. are you jokers kidding me. He can serve me turkey anytime he wishes in or out of clothes. He is so incredibly cute, handsome and sexy.

  2. He can baste it and stuff it all he wants a beautiful man.

  3. He has more color than that turkey…..And who says “take your shirt off and let’s snap a pic”?

  4. Finally, you all get it! Nudity is not cool in the kitchen. Put your damn shirt on and act like you were raised by people.

  5. He’s hot but agreeing with other posters here, that an ewww for me too! No shirt, no pants? Then no food serving, please! That’s not sexy, that’s just gross! It’s in the same nasty vein as eating off of someone’s naked body!

  6. Why did you cook the bird upside down?
    I need my food hair free….put on a shirt when cooking please!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Yeah,no. I don’t care how hot you are. You’re gonna need to put on a shirt while handling my food with THAT much hair. GTFOH

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