!! OMG, gossip: Pope Francis speaks out against trans children !!

UGH! So much for all God’s children and love and acceptance [towleroad]

Sour, expired grandpa Clint Eastwood wants you pussies to ‘just get over’ Donald Trump‘s racist remarks [dlisted]

Antonio Sobato Jr. says Hollywood has blacklisted him for supporting Trump – as if he had a career to begin with! [joemygod]

Judge denies 29 claim-to-be Prince heirs [socialite life]

Suicide Squad reviews are so bad, the fanboys are trying to shut down Rotten Tomatoes [celebitchy]

President Obama AKA Captain Obvious announces Trump is unfit to be president [boy culture]

Pulse Nightclub victim dances for first time after being shot multiple times [queerty]

Rafael Nadal is a Tommy Boy in his underwear [kenneth]

Fresh! Saint Laurent debuts FW16 campaign [ohlala]

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3 Comments on "OMG, gossip: Pope Francis speaks out against trans children"

  1. This has been an issue with several movies based on comics. The reviewers like it and the comic fans don’t or the comic fans like it but the reviewers don’t. There are exceptions of course but this isn’t something new. btw, Suicide Squad is likely to break August box-office records.

  2. “Sour, expired grandpa”? He’s entitled to his opinion. Just because you don’t agree with it, you lower yourself to criticising Eastwood for his age? That’s just pathetic.

  3. Maybe if Cardinal Law weren’t living out his golden years in the luxury of a Roman basilica, Francis would have a little more credibility talking about sins agains children. #credibilityissues

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