!! OMG, he’s naked: Orlando Bloom on a paddle board !!


Orlando Bloom got a little frisky while paddle boarding in Italy with girlfriend Katy Perry. Censored pics appeared yesterday, but you know that’s not how we roll.

See the uncensored NSFW photos (and a bonus animated GIF) in all their long, uncut glory after the jump.

Click to enlarge.







orlando bloom nude standing italy













UPDATE: Orlando’s rival Justin Bieber has now gotten his peen out as well while skinny-dipping in Hawaii. We have a full swordfight on our hands.

(Image Source. Thanks also to Tsuki for sending us some and to CB for the animated GIF!)

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74 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Orlando Bloom on a paddle board"

  1. It’s clearly staged. He knows the paparazzi are on to him. Orlando’s penis is obviously partially erect throughout. The foreskin is unretracted in the rowing pics. However in the land pics, it suddenly occurs to Orlando to pump up his penis, and retract his foreskin. You can clearly see the pink of his glans and the peehole in some of them. The Bieber competition theory begins to make sense increasingly.

    • Not that I’m complaining! Orlando’s face is like a guy I had a crush on for 6 years. And he has a beautiful milky white body. It’s heavenly to see his peehole. I wish I could see (or be!) a drop of milk squeezing its way out of that orifice..

  2. Richard Vestal | May 30, 2019 at 4:23 pm | Reply

    Hard to believe I haven’t commented on these delicious pics, and they are deliciously beautiful. I have to say this… I’ve had my eyes on Orlando Bloom since Pirates. Can’t wait to see more of him nude someday, soon I’m wishing.

  3. I’ve always liked Orlando as an actor. He is very talented. Now that I’ve seen him naked, I’m even more impressed. I generally stay away from uncut cocks, but I wouldn’t mind having his. He has such full balls that are waiting to be sucked. And his ASS! My GOD what a GORGEOUS ass. Delicious.

  4. Norway Assfreaks | October 9, 2017 at 8:29 pm | Reply

    Yes, beautiful pics from Italy.
    Definitely one of the sexiest asses in the world; considering his age he’s the winner!!!
    And MUY guapo, but we don’t like big cocks.

  5. Thank you! I love seeing people nude in natural, appropriate settings such as swimming and water play. I hope to one day witness when swimming nude becomes the norm, rather than the exception today. Nude is not lewd and is not sex, it is part of who we are from birth. “If we were meant to be nude, we would have been born that way.” – Oscar Wilde

  6. *hallelujah chorus*

  7. Orlando wins pants down! Bieber just doesn’t measure up! Besides … I LOVE the turtleneck.

  8. Thanks ornaldo projecting precious u own.

  9. he’s obviously had pec implants but his nipples seem totally off-centre.

  10. Nice, but don’t care for the turtle-neck. I like Bieber’s cut version better. And for future reference, pubes are HOT! Please, for the love of God, anyone posting nude pics DO NOT SHAVE! At least both Bieber and Orlando follow this.

    • Pubes are hot too you? why should people have to follow your grooming desires, instead of their own preferences ;p

  11. for the person who said that Bieber did it better & it looks like Bieber @least keeps it clean & tidy…were we looking @ the same Bieber pics?? cause as some ppl commented on Bieber’s pic, he needs a weed-wacker, lol in regards to their pubic hair Orlando’s is much tidier than Justin’s, his is all over the place, now if you’re talking about being circumcised then yes Bieber is & Orlando isn’t but that was their parents decision and obv. Orlando when he got old enough to do it on his own didn’t want to…I heard it’s worse getting it done when you’re older anyway…

  12. This is hotter than hell! WOW! Simply the best “Candy” post ever.

  13. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…. hmmm

  14. Wow! I knew he would still have his foreskin, looks delish! Thanks Orlando!,

  15. When are we gay men going to stop fantasizing over unavailable BREEDER celebrities and gay-for-pay porn actors on sites (run by women) like Cockyboys? It’s so pathetic and needy.

  16. The uncensored photo of him with legs spread, but only in low resolution:


  17. Wow!
    Orlando Bloom is still HOT & SEXY!

  18. I like his body and uncut cock, but he’s a little too hair less. Also, it seems totally planned. Who fluffs unless you know you’re being watched.

  19. mmmmmmm……Legolas 😀 😀

  20. Frank & Eatthat, through thorough checking there’s another censored pic that is not included in the list of uncensored released ones. Here it is:


    By now, there are two uncensored missing.

  21. That really is a very ugly,wrinkly,mis-shapen dick! No wonder Katy is looking away completely unimpressed with it! If he really knew what he looked like,he would not be grinning! Bieber did it better. At least he looks like he keeps it clean & tidy. Bloom needs snip,cut & clean! Katy should have learned her mistake from the last unkempt Brit she had…lol

  22. Maurice Williams | August 6, 2016 at 12:22 am | Reply

    Katy kinda looks horrified, cause honestly Katy is kind of a fake…Orlando, on the other hand looks like he just discovered his true self…ROCK ON ORLANDO!!!!!

  23. I fell in Love with him when he played a Boxer in England and worked as a Milk Man.He has the most beautiful skin and body.Thanks Orlando!

  24. Uncut. Yea!!!

  25. It looks like not all the censored images are released. Anyone can get a hold of the pic of him where he’s walking on the rocks. The pic I’m referring to is the one where he’s about to step on a higher rock. I can’t find any uncensored pic of that one. =)

    • Mic, that’s the only one we can’t find. I suspect there might be a reason why, but I’ll let the conspiracy theorists among us run with it.

  26. A lot smaller then what I thought it would be kinda disappointed that he doesn’t have a big dick

  27. Katy is a very very lucky woman

  28. He is very sexy especially in nude. Very nice body. What a natural beauty. Way to go, Orlando !!!

  29. Now tell me … who wouldn’t want to be pushed over a saddle and be banged into submission by the elf?? :p

  30. Super hot! But I agree, my first thought was why is he the only one who is nude? But as others have said – Who cares?!

  31. I seriously don’t understand people who comment things like, “after years of not knowing where Orlando Bloom went” and “I hope this helps jump start his career.” Orlando Bloom has worked consistently since 1994, some years having multiple projects out and with only 2009 and 2012 being years where he took a break. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Hobbit films, Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, all huge venues that he’s been a part of. Some of his other work isn’t as well known, but that’s because Orlando picks projects that he wants to work on, not just things that put money in his pocket.

  32. Impressive. Good photos. Usually photos like this are small & grainy, but these are first-class quality.

  33. I have been waiting 15 years for these! So happy….

  34. I think these are the best nude celebrity paparazzi pics that have ever surfaced. Usually we get grainy crap. I’m sure it was all staged, but who cares? The guy is gorgeous.

  35. FUCK YES

  36. I fucking love Orlando Bloom

  37. Nudity is natural. Nothing to be ashamed of. Good for him

  38. Pllase advise me where I can submit this article for the Nobel Prize.

  39. gorgeous penis! 10/10 I’m a fan. And Katy is lucky to be getting that

  40. Thank you!

  41. Thank you!! I love Orlando!

  42. The best post ever! [2] Love the moment he covers his little head with his hand. LOVE IT.

  43. OMG !! He’s very hot !! Beautiful cock ♥

  44. Ooh, great to see him in the buff. I’ve always thought he was hot. Though it’s funny to me that he’s trying to “fluff” himself up in one the of the photos. He obviously wanted to look his “fullest” for the paparazzi. Lol

  45. Helen Damnation | August 4, 2016 at 6:18 pm | Reply

    Oh, my.

  46. I would love to suck on that and eat his butt. Should have pushed her overboard.

  47. He can get it

  48. Thanks so much for these expectional photos. Is ther someone in the audience who could post those where he’s in front the beach and also when he’s climbing a rock (open legs)
    Thanks a lot

  49. The pics show him with Katy Perry, but there were a few others with them. Katy and Orlando were not alone, but Orlando was the only one naked for some reason. Not complaining. When you look like that, you better be naked.

  50. Doesn’t matter who else is there, what your opinion of him is, or if you’re gay or straight. Dude is damn sexy. Incredibly amazingly sexy.

  51. That foreskin is everything. I would worship it like there’s now tomorrow.

  52. I love seeing people comfortable in their own skins. Yeah!!!

  53. He’s uncut – yummy!

  54. He is sooo hot! I hope this attention wii give his career a jump start!! Now that his naked pictures are all over the net from all kinds of great angeles, I also hope his next movie project involves some full frontal nudity. 🙂

  55. Try that on for size, Justin Bieber!

  56. Wow, I am definitely a fan!

  57. wow. nice cock and big suckable balls.

  58. something tells me that orlando bloom wears clothes only when he absolutely has to.

    that’s probably a good thing.

  59. Orlando can get it

  60. Legolas and his magic arrow!

    Why Katy Perry though? It is not happening on my watch!

  61. He thinks he’s a Warwick rower.

  62. The best post ever! He was my childhood favorite actor!!! Nothing like seeing your childhood hero naked!!!!

  63. YES LAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. I think it’s great when celebrities celebrate their bodies and they are posted online. Nudity is perfectly natural and healthy. The freedom you feel is amazing and it’s has great benefits as well. Good for him!

  65. And so, after years of not knowing where Orlando Bloom went, I suddenly have a crush on him all over again.

    But Katy Perry?! Really, Orlando? Really.

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