!! OMG, here’s what supporters at a Trump rally think “he’ll do” about Obama being “secretly a Muslim” !!

Chaser Poll – Is Barack Obama a Muslim?

54% of Republicans think Barack Obama is a Muslim. So we went along to a Donald Trump rally to find out what they think — and what they hope Trump will do about it. (If you like this sort of stuff, subscribe to The Chaser Quarterly at www.chaser.com.au/subscribe today.)

Posted by The Chaser on Sunday, February 7, 2016

It really sums up the stupidity of who Trump’s followers are. At least these rednecks know how to wear some glamourous makeup… LOL

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13 Comments on "OMG, here’s what supporters at a Trump rally think “he’ll do” about Obama being “secretly a Muslim”"

  1. you folks leave canada alone….Justin Trudeau is my honey.

  2. That dumb younger guy is the type that would do “gay thangs” after a 6 pack of Coors. LOL Face down I’ll bet he’s a hot one.

  3. Yeah. Call them white trash instead.

  4. Actually redneck is a culturally accepted term in some parts of America thanks in part to Jeff Foxworthy. I know several people who are proud rednecks as they put it.
    And for the people of color part, all you have to do down here in OK is look for black republicans and they buy into the whole Obama is an a-rab terrust BS too.

  5. If you’re going to knock Americans, Peace, try to be clever about it, or at the very least be funny.

  6. “Redneck” is a racial slur. Stop being intolerant.

  7. Send some schools to Amurrica, STAT!

  8. unfortunate typo, Phil
    whatever they do, they certainly don’t “love”

  9. Trust me, Canada, you’ve got your crazies, too, and plenty of them.

  10. Remember the charming inner-city folk who managed to make it onto TV at every single Obama rally, screaming in incoherent ebonics about free Obama phones?

    BOTH parties have voters we’d rather pretend don’t exist.

  11. The scariest part of all is that they believe this. Kind of makes you worried for the United States doesn’t it?

  12. It terrifies me as a Canadian that psychos like this love right over the border.

  13. Maybe the question should be posed to people of color. Because the Bible belt crazy christians live in their own bubble3.

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