16 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Swedish actor Ola Rapace"


  2. Papi more, more!

  3. Old but gold.

  4. He is a handsome man. My lips need to touch his co*k

  5. brb, moving to Sweden.

  6. So that’s what a Swedish dick look like huh?

  7. Yea i would nice ass-good body-fun looking

  8. Damn! What a handsome stud! 100% MAN!

  9. Incredible!

    But… why is he naked and everyone else in sweaters?

  10. Total Daddy! Hot as hell and definitely got better with age and a gym membership. I’m loving all these hot older guys that are keeping it tight into their middle age.

  11. Love his dick!

  12. He’s fiiiiiiine af. Jeez I love me a daddy type

  13. Got better with age

  14. I thought he was hot in Skyfall, and these pics prove that he really is–yum!

  15. Hot as hell. I would totally be all over that!!

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