!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Big Brother UK’ contestant Marc O’Neil !!


We know two things about Big Brother UK contest Marc O’ Neil. 1) He was on Big Brother last year. 2) He loves the tanning salons. I mean, stick a fork in him – cuz he’s done! Check him out after the NSFW jump!







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25 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: ‘Big Brother UK’ contestant Marc O’Neil"

  1. is that what he does now ? not very big is it

  2. That’s one disgusting and one of the ugliest dicks I’ve ever seen! Wow! You’d have to be very desperate to take that! Seems like a lot of queens here are….

  3. There’s something really f-ed up about all the gay men who need to say that no dick is really up to their standards. I’m not sure what y’all need. But I don’t think it’s actually about dick.

  4. Shaved pubes is gross. Nice face though.

  5. Glenn Williams | October 14, 2016 at 6:46 pm | Reply

    Amazing dick! This guy is perfection to me from head to fucking toe! Give me him GOD please!!

  6. He’s the perfect hot douche! Big, pretty tool, unsophisticated tatts (let’s agree, they weren’t inspired by fine art) and a crackin’ body. What’s not to appreciate? People are so nasty. Just do nasty don’t be it.

    • Maybe you could post a picture of you nude. You must be smoking hot considering your nasty comment.

  7. People dont get to pick what kinda dicks they get. So stop complaining

  8. I think he strangled it to death at that party. It looks like a smurf’s dick.


  10. I will never get over how nasty the old queens on comments can be. Don’t listen to them!! A dick is a dick, and it’s great. Just stop shaving please.

  11. There’s nothing wrong with his penis. It’s everything else that’s the issue.

  12. Ew! He looks like a DouchBag and his dick doesn’t save him. It looks dirty and just burnt

  13. Apparently he posted a picture online while measuring his penis (with a ruler alongside it). Any chance we could get that image up here, Igor? Curious about the size of that weird little fella.

  14. M’eh. I’ve seen uglier dicks. I can’t think where, but… Still, it’s not as though he could do anything about that. the rest of him is quite nice.

  15. Yes. So much yes.

  16. His dick looks like a half dead tadpole. I’ll pass.

  17. Looks alot better soft then hard

  18. That’s one ugly dick.

  19. And apparently… shaving!

  20. My body is ready

  21. That dick just wouldn’t do it for me. I need at least above average thickness.

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