!! OMG, he’s naked: Fashion model Roberts Semjonovs !!

Fashion model Roberts Semjonovs has modelled for Saint Laurent, covered VOGUE Men, and has walked countless big named runway shows. Check him out taking the fashion off for this editorial and just being HIM after the NSFW jump!


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40 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Fashion model Roberts Semjonovs"

  1. i dont think there is anything wrong with him–he is a very handsome man–he isnt buff which is one thing i do love about him—i could care less if he is cut or uncut–i cock is a cock—did i mention he has beautiful eyes—only thing missing is a nice pic of his backside

  2. Amen to the untrimmed bush!!! With this new manscaping you can’t tell one asshole from the other. I like the uncut look and fun I can have with it being an ALPHA BDSM GUY. However, run across a lot of them that smell of gunk and stale piss. I wish more uncut guys would have better personal hygiene. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

  3. The comments on this site will never NOT be hysterical. The only real wrinkle today is the uncut hatred and uncut love, but queens wouldn’t be queens if they didn’t have their own peculiar fetishes, am I right.

    While I happen to not be into twinks, and agree that it looks like people are denying this skinny young thing the proper nutrition he needs and deserves, it’s still amusing that there are grown ass men who want and crave that!

  4. Adrian Dussault | January 28, 2023 at 12:17 pm | Reply

    It would be great if Jaden Smith did a clean, tasteful nude layout like this one.

  5. He’s a beautiful young guy with his natural body – give him credit for that and stop trying to force your preferences on him!

  6. Cute face and love the natural bush. But what on earth are these poses? The photographer has made him look like he has rickets

  7. Poor starving child. Someone get him some clothes and a hot meal, he looks cold.

  8. I don’t understand the obsession with the full bush lol. I find it kinda off putting. Reminds me of the armpit people on tiktok.

  9. Too fucking “younger looking” for my taste! Plus, that child could use some “vitamin D!” Who’ starving the poor chap?!?LOL “-? – Grey

  10. It’s the eternal debate, because circumcised men (usually) don’t know any different due to their mutilation having taken place before they even developed full consciousness. So, of course they’ll defend their status quo! But the simple fact remains, that cut men will never truly know what they’re missing out on…

  11. Love the “natural” and unshaved look even though he is quite skinny. He’s gorgeous but I’ll have to fatten him up a bit!

  12. Uncut, YESSSSS PLEASE!

  13. Skinny twink takes clothes off, queens be excite.

  14. lovely lil chap.
    happy to see some unmutilated peen for a change

  15. Finally! A full bush!!!! We need to get manscaping canceled

  16. I appreciate his natural bush. I hope more people his age follow his example.

  17. I hear you girl

  18. He looks like a baby mouse

  19. Nice foreskin. Will never like the American circumcised look or obsession

  20. Richard E Vestal | January 26, 2023 at 8:18 pm | Reply

    Happy to see models with bush

  21. Love that long foreskin. Cut guys have no idea what they’re missing. LOL

  22. He’s beautiful.


  24. I guess there is someone for everyone. #Pass

  25. Really gorgeous!!

  26. Too young for my taste, but I have great respect for the natural nude body.
    Naturally uncut, the way nature intended.

  27. I am sorry, but I do not find him the least bit attractive, with or without his clothes and it is NOT because he is uncut.
    That is the way all males are born before they are mutilated without their permission. A man should make his own decision about being circumcised, not someone else!

  28. I’m sorry you’ve been conditioned to believe that the male natural state is unattractive, but your self hatred doesn’t take away from the fact that he has a very beautiful penis.

  29. Yum! Such cute perfection!

  30. Is that Kristen Stewart? Yuck!

  31. Finally, someone with a natural look!

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