!! OMG, he’s naked: James Purefoy in ‘Altered Carbon’ !!

Not to be confused with an altered CABRON! We all know a few of those… Check out actor James Purefoy appearing in the new Netflix series Altered Carbon after the NSFW jump!


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77 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: James Purefoy in ‘Altered Carbon’"

  1. Purefoy is incredibly handsome dressed and naked. I still recall his nude scene in “Rome”. Obviously that’s not a prosthetic but it certainly does look fluffed (no shame in that). People who are averse to natural, uncut cocks make no sense. If anything, those of us who are cut should be embarrassed. Glad to see mature man showing us the goods instead of all those horrible shaved/waxed, pube-less twinks.

  2. One of the hottest guys ever in my book. Dad bod my ass. And that is definitely not a prosthetic. If you want to see how a prosthetic moves check out Craig Parker in Spartacus. There are lots of them on that show.

  3. obviously a semi since hes been naked in other shows/movies and its never been that big.

  4. Walter M. Phillips | February 14, 2018 at 1:26 am | Reply

    I love his uncut cock and the way it swings when he walks.
    I could watch him all day long and never get bored

  5. great dick, not prosthetic for sure – there was an article about the nudity in this series, everything is real.

  6. Here in the UK, we don’t routinely maim our children by cutting the tip of their cock off. We learn at a young age just how to make sure we’re clean all the time and you know something, it works. Soap and water is an amazing tool, just like this tool on a real man at last. James Purefoy is a joy to behold and has a wonderful dick that he’s not shy of showing. And while this could be a prosthetic, to those size queens who say it looks false, you can only look down at your own tiny members and dream. Like all of us who are comfortably hung, when I’m slightly aroused, mine bobbles around like his does in the gif.

  7. Oh no. Please no.

  8. Prosthetic dicks are way more obvious than that. Definitely real.

  9. Not his first time nude in front of a camera. The series Rome from HBO also. I see he’s just gotten better since then 😉

  10. Now that’s a man. I’m so tired of these little shitz posing for snaps, it’s refreshing to see a real man

  11. I wish he was right near me to stuff me with that piece of meat! My mouth is watery. He is so hot!!!! I love to take all his

  12. James Greenlee | February 6, 2018 at 7:32 pm | Reply

    Not prosthetic, he showed all on ROME too, and it was publicized back then. He’s just not modest.

  13. Damn daddy!

  14. M’eh.

  15. James Purejoy is hot looking with or without his clothes… I’ll love a chance to please him. His uncut meat looks delicious. I happen to watch this Netflix show so the added nudity is a big (I hope) bonus it needs as it becomes to make so type of since. Sense 8 on Netflix is a fantastic show and it didn’t need nudity but it did give you a taste of Max… yum

  16. It’s not a prosthetic. James has discussed his full frontal in interviews, joked about the size of it and said he warned his grandfather about it.

  17. I don’t care what anyone thinks. He’s a hot guy, and even IF his dick is a prosthetic (cut or uncut), I’m going to still enjoy looking at him.

  18. Looks real enough to me, albeit maybe fluffed a bit. Seems silly to think it’s a prosthetic. If that were so, I’d think he’d go bigger. Love uncut, those of you bitching about it, what do you expect? He’s British. They haven’t drunk the circumcision kool aid the way we have here in the States

  19. I’ve always thought he was hot, damn good actor, and now I know what he’s packing, nice, his pants always look bulgy, mmmmmmmmmm

  20. Hello-

    a question- if it is in fact a prosthetic cock why????????????? if you’re not going
    to show a real cock why bother showing a cock at all?

  21. Oh this is what a call Daddy !!!

  22. Methink it’s a prosthetic.

  23. OMG blog, gorgeous Joel Kinnaman also shows dick and balls on Altered Carbon’s first episode but nobody noticed. Quite a sausage, I must say.

    • I saw it but all Joel shows is his (very nice) ass. There was no full frontal.

    • I saw that episode and he didn’t show anything. Maybe the OMGBLOG people need to do further investigating? 😉

      • He DID show his dick but you had to be quick to catch it. Just after he pushed the ‘doctor’ dude against the wall when he woke him up the camera pans back over him – it’s all there to see in slow mo

  24. Definitely real looks a little more “fluffed” or a little extra blood flow than in Rome but it’s the same dick. Nice to see it a little closer up. Also he’s barely aged at all. Hot guy I guess I’ll be watching the show if they show nudity like this.

  25. Not at all…

  26. he’s never been shy about going all out like that. remember “rome?”

  27. Now THAT is a man!

  28. doesnt it look unnatural? seems like a fake dick. hes still hot tho

  29. If it’s prosthetic, it’s the same one he’s used in about a dozen movies over the years. This is hardly the first time he’s flashed it.

  30. I don’t know about the prosthetic (which would be very vain and suck). I do remember him being NOT AS HUNG when he did frontal in HBO’s “Rome”.

    My guess is he “fluffed” a little before “action”.

  31. even if it is prosthetic he can pound me with that!

  32. Uhh, what you should have shown was his ass during
    the shower scene. Much more impressive! Terrible show btw. I couldn’t even get thru 1 episode. But it
    was worth wasting my time to see his ass. First episode, around 15 minutes in.

  33. Very sexy..a manly man 🙂


  35. He was also nude in Rome, IIRC

  36. Absolutely perfect… that’s my ideal man right there!

  37. had a crush on him for years, and yes, he’s older, but still. Yes please :-p

  38. So, is this like before his carbon is altered or after?

  39. Nice clip but I’m guessing his peen is about half that size in real life. It looks like a prosthetic cock to me.

    • What are you talking about? Not all men need to use a prosthetic cock.

      • It’s a common feature in movies. The cock bounces like it has weight and not like a rea flaccid cock.

        • It’s not prosthetic. He’s been seen naked in other films and it was a similar size. Besides, a big cock will have weight to it, especially if he’s just slightly aroused.

    • you must have been hit in the head with your dildo too much!

      • That cock does not hang correctly for a flaccid cock. It clearly has weight to it just like the prosthetic cocks in the Spartacus movies and other examples on here. I suggest you study your dildo better to learn the difference between real and fake cocks.

        • spoken like a queen who has never touched a cock, since i am sure you squat to pee!

        • I agree. It’s common practice for men to wear prosthetics when they do nude movie scenes (and sadly it gives the impression that most men have larger penises than is actually the case).

          Obviously none of us have proof here …. but I also thought there was something not natural about the movement, and it doesn’t look real to me.

          Also, I love that commenters here think he might be “slightly aroused” on set. Have any of you ever been on a television or film set? It’s not exactly an arousing environment, and I doubt that any director or producer would go for “let’s shoot with that semi”.

  40. Foreskin, what a shame.

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