31 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Nicolaj from ‘Naked Attraction Denmark’"

  1. Where can I watch the danish version online?

  2. Average looking balding guy w a dick you can smell the stench from miles away! Meh!

  3. He has one of the cutest butts I have ever seen his dick is nice too lol but I would definitely love to grab that ass all day

  4. Shannon….have you ever liked anyone highlighted here? Was he Caucasian? I suspect not. I would really like to see what Shannon finds appealing. Somehow I suspect the dude has a big, rounded, plump, giggly ass…and when his cock is flaccid shows 9″ soft….but gets no bigger when hard….just fills with blood and hangs there.

  5. Apparently “Family is Forever” but pubic hair is not.

  6. He looks like a squirel.

  7. N ice looking and a nice body but shaved pubes are a turn off for me.

  8. He’s gorgeous! That cock and his face ughh I want him.

  9. Not that he has anything to worry about.. very nice sized man-tool.

  10. They shave it to make it appear bigger without the hair to distract from the meat.

  11. GENE…..

  12. Is seeing someone naked from a show with the word naked in the title really an OMG moment?
    *Shaved pubes such a turn off

  13. An uncut cock looks like a plucked chicken without its natural nest of public hair.

  14. That’s a nice piece there. I love to play with it. Put it in me

  15. MMMMM I just love sucking off an uncut cock like this one mmmmmmmmmm It’s probably fat when
    hard too!! But I like my men with a full bush with dark hair too!

  16. Perfect cock, tho.

  17. Nice..so nice

  18. NO ASS AT ALL…. But te rest is nice

  19. elsayed ismail | February 11, 2019 at 6:30 pm | Reply

    this man is very hot and sexy ,he has long cock and nice butt

  20. Hahaha dicks luck ridiculous without their hair and very unmasculine.

  21. Wish he’d grow his pubes out, but overall a very nice cock, and ass!

  22. That’s a nice looking piece

  23. Nice peen but the shaved pubes is really gross.

  24. gorgeous man with gorgeous cock and ugly tattoos

  25. Hello-

    it just goes to show how European countries are more open about sexuality.
    you would ***NEVER*** see such a show on U.S. t.v. even on HBO or Showtime.

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