!! OMG, he’s naked: Taylor Kitsch of ‘True Detective Season 2’ !!


Taylor Kitsch of ‘True Detective Season 2’ had some old modelling pics nudies surface recently via a photographer who shot him during his early days as a model. The shoot was titled “Bigger Splash” By Matthias Vriens-McGrath For Numéro Homme. Check him out after the NSFW jump!









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6 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Taylor Kitsch of ‘True Detective Season 2’"

  1. Finally! People who appreciate him! I read some disgusting comments on another thread regarding these photos I love this man! Not for his looks (albeit he’s drop dead gorgeous) but he’s so humble and doesn’t give a damn when people criticize him.
    Love and respect to Taylor Kitsch!

    Note: I would love to gobble him all up and ride him until he was sore

  2. Bless you, sir, you’re doing the whore’s work.

  3. Woooooo, Lawd! I’d tear that shit up like newspaper!

  4. That’s a fucking beautiful, meaty ass. I’d lick the chlorinated water out of that clean ass in that goddamn pool and then flip him over so he can bust a million future Hollywood stars all over my hungry, upturned face!

  5. Ever since Friday Night Lights this guy has always done it for me! These pics are awesome! Such a hunk.

  6. Nice photo spread of Taylor! Though widely panned, we really liked him in “John Carter”. Very under-appreciated actor.

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