!! OMG, he’s naked: YouTube star Logan Paul !!

The cocky appeal of YouTube celebrity Logan Paul only gets cock-ier after the NSFW jump! Check him out!

UPDATE: Commenters have provided compelling evidence that the GIF after the jump is not actually Logan Paul, but rather a user on a popular cam site. We’re going to leave the image up for your enjoyment with this caveat.


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29 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: YouTube star Logan Paul"

  1. I haven’t ever heard of him except on here and occasionally on some “hollywood buzz” show. My book it means he has been a manufactured personality without talent. Sort of like the Kartrashians, their fame was created by their show and their show created their fame. If they lose either they are toast, sort of like Jenner. The whole reality TV has got why too out of hand. It’s not even reality, it’s just people who are so vain that they are willing to throw their everyday life on TV and then make up drama for ratings.

  2. I’d so love to be his discreet creampie bottom uncle..

  3. I don’t trust anyone with two first names and hair you can surf.

  4. His face resembles a dropped pie.

  5. Yea that obviously him. And 300 other dudes who habe pics/videos exactly like it.

  6. you just have to look at the lower lip to see it’s not him. he has thin lips and the naked guy has a very full bottom lip.

  7. Fake news! Google Petticrush Chatturbate and look at the images, that’s not Logan Paul

  8. Yeah, that’s definitely not him, that’s Petticrush on Chaturbate.

  9. Chin and nipples don’t match, also the cam model is missing the freckle on his neck. Not Logan Paul.

  10. Yeah I doubt it is him….the areolas & nipples don’t match

  11. Love the shaft and balls though not totally sure it Logan.

  12. That’s one delicious beautiful cock on him!

  13. And you know it’s him because his head and torso appear in completely separate photos.

  14. it’s a nice dick but, i’m pretty sure it’s not logan paul.

  15. And the proof that this is him is where exactly?

  16. That isn’t Logan Paul, that’s Petticrush from Chaturbate

  17. He has got a fucking awesome cock and balls. I wish that i was stroking that cock.

  18. That’s not him. That is a cam model from Chaturbate.

  19. spongebobcrankypants | August 4, 2017 at 4:35 pm | Reply

    He’s cute.

  20. I find this guy so douchey. Seems wrong that he has a nice dick.

  21. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

  22. lol wtf…. that’s not even close to being him. It’s some cammer from chaturbate.

  23. Lovely eyes!

  24. no wonder Chloe Bennett has been in such a good mood lately …

  25. He cute. I wanna see what he’s sitting on tho…

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