!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Azealia Banks leaks new track ‘WUT U DO’ !!

We’re actually kind of surprised Azealia Banks stepped away from being an idiot on social media long enough to step into a studio, but we’re glad she did! Check out WUT U DO, above!

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5 Comments on "OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Azealia Banks leaks new track ‘WUT U DO’"

  1. I wonder if Ass-elia smells as dirty as she looks? I have yet to see a picture where she doesn`t look like a filthy crackwhore. It`s odd, she has this dirty, sweaty aura. I`ll bet she smells like old trash and salt. Too bad Russel Crow didn`t grab this a-hole by the neck and threw her out the window, no one would have blamed him. Actually, I think he would have recieved an award for it. I just hope she goes away soon, she is nothing but annoying.

  2. She’s vile, her music is vile, but people who are offended by her are morons.

  3. i love this song! and i love her music. Qweens talk SHIT and use the f-word all day and night. yet when an openly bisexual self-disclosed bipolar black artist goes off the bean, they want to kill her! so she’s crazy! so is every goddamn qween at the circuit party, on grinder and shit, and everywhere. hypocrites!

  4. Please take this down, she does not deserve air time.

  5. Why are you supporting someone so despicable and homophobic?

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