!! OMG, LISTEN UP: An emergency medicine doctor in Toronto, recorded this warning !!

Dr. Ari Greenwald, an emergency medicine doctor in Toronto, recorded this warning for members of his community who have not being following orders to #staythefuckhome. His message from the frontlines is very sobering. Make sure your family/parents/grandparents are practicing self-isolation right now.

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3 Comments on "OMG, LISTEN UP: An emergency medicine doctor in Toronto, recorded this warning"

  1. It’s kind of sobering in retrospect just how much influence media has over the masses. Get them worked up into an absolute panic and fury over something that amounts to essentially nothing for most people, a common cold. Give them a platform to finger wag and you really have a recipe for success. You guys had people petrified to go outside. Shame…just shame. When will people learn? We should have protected the elderly and continued on with life, that was our duty to the older folks and the younger ones who’ll pay for a long time for our gross overreaction. It’s a conundrum, to an extent the media is necessary, which makes their liberty-taking even more egregious.

  2. The truth is we dont know the extent of the virus. The numbers given by the media could be weeks or even months behind. Also, we are in lockdown here at home but I have had to go out for food, to the pharmacy, taken public transportation, Ubers and I’ve even had to go work a couple of times and interact with several people. How safe are we, really? There are people at restaurants and markets and pharmacies interacting with the public every day for hours on end. What’s going to happen then?

  3. thanks for this. In Brooklyn they have ignored all warnings are are putting people at further risk as they did with the Measles outbreak last year. This should be very helpful.

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