!! OMG, man in the mirror! Prince Jackson gets huge tattoo on chest, fans point-out spelling errors !!

Me and @dermagraphink put 4.5 hrs today almost done but looking great

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Even when you have the riches of Michael Jackson at your disposal, sometimes it’s just hard to find GOOD HELP these days! This is what Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson’s son is thinking now that fans have pointed out not only an error in the message scribed across his chest (It should read “Do not go gentle into that good night.”, but it seems as if AGAINST is also misspelled. Thoughts? Do you see a giant Star Wars Deathstar tattoo cover-up in Prince’s future, OMG?

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4 Comments on "OMG, man in the mirror! Prince Jackson gets huge tattoo on chest, fans point-out spelling errors"

  1. This could be photoshopped. I mean, his nipple is missing.

  2. If he were going for an old fashioned look I would give him an E for Effort because it looks like early modern English. Spelling was still all over the place and the s was still very elongated up until recently, linguistically speaking. If you look at exact copies of manuscripts from Shakespeare, Marley, and the original King James Bible, they are almost unreadable by today’s standards. Even the same exact word could be spelled four or five different ways in just a few pages.
    But if he were going for an old fashioned look, he should have stuck with picking a calligraphy or scroll style script for his tattoo and not the worst fricking spelling in the world by modern standards. Also I am kind of hoping that the errors are because he didn’t pick the brightest tattoo artist when it comes to spelling. Please note that while I have a degree in English, I cannot spell very well myself.

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