!! OMG, it’s officially the 10-year anniversary of ‘LEAVE BRINNY ALONE!!!’ !!

It was over a decade ago that Chris Crocker came into our lives, and made YouTube a frantic place with his LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE plea for his idol! What does that mean? How far have we come as the human race? Who knows…

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4 Comments on "OMG, it’s officially the 10-year anniversary of ‘LEAVE BRINNY ALONE!!!’"

  1. 10 years since this douche handle made a gigantic flaming ass of himself,went on to be a hottie porn “star” then to irrelevance in a big who the fuck is Chris Crocker way.

  2. Goes viral…then becomes a lady boy and goes on and on about masculinity and being free to be feminine. Failed at catapulting internet fame into anything…. Becomes butch with facial hair…and does porn. Never been relavent and he never will be.

  3. Who’s “Briny”?

  4. Changes none, but a reality check on some just bc you go viral once, does not mean you will become a star…

    but you might end up doing porn…

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