!! OMG, praise be! Joe Jonas bulges out in swim shorts in time for summer !!

Summer is almost upon us! Let Joe Jonas ring in the good weather with a celebratory VPL while diving in the water off a yacht somewhere hot! Why not!? Check it out after the jump!


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11 Comments on "OMG, praise be! Joe Jonas bulges out in swim shorts in time for summer"

  1. I like the bulge but would kill to see the Jonas Brothers NAKED! I have fantasized about seeing those guys nude! DAMN they are HOT!

  2. It’s past time for the Jonas brothers, Nick especially, to show us the real goods.

  3. Non sexy geek

  4. Barbara 'Hunnychile' Perez | May 4, 2018 at 3:28 pm | Reply

    Oh my god is that it? I was slavering with anticipation when I was click baited from cocktailsandcocktalk hoping to see his ACTUAL cock head and all I get is a blurry little bump on a photo taken from 18 miles away. Can’t even tell if he’s cut or not. Beam me up.

  5. Reading comments of posts like these are further proof how complexly superficial and shallow the gay community is. It’s worse than any other group as far superficiality. I guarantee over half the guys leaving comments have a smaller dick than him. His dick looks about average and the ones that look smaller usually are the ones that surprise you how big they can get and the ones that look bigger barely grow. Time to quit watching so much porn boys and step back into reality. Not every dick is 9” or bigger. Grow up

  6. where is that bulge exactly?
    anyway, his brother is way more hotter

  7. CIS Gendered male has cock and balls which creates a bulge shocker.
    It’s hardly monstrous though, don’t know why people are fanning themselves over it.


  9. Nick can take it from behind while I work on Joe’s lollipop!

  10. That’s not a bulge. I think he’s so cute with clothes on. Man, this is disappointing. Perhaps he’s a grower?

  11. Still prefer Nick but Joe is hot as well and that’s an amazing bulge best of any JoBro so far seriously can actually see he’s circumcised not that I care either way but it’s a nice visual to picture him naked!

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