!! OMG, STUH-NING! The Human Ken Doll reveals he had four ribs removed… and keeps them in a jar! !!

Seems a little GOTH for Mattell, no? Body parts in jars? Check out the Human Ken Doll‘s latest interview above! Catch up on all his latest! Gosh, now I feel like making RIBS for dinner.

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23 Comments on "OMG, STUH-NING! The Human Ken Doll reveals he had four ribs removed… and keeps them in a jar!"

  1. Fucking nut job.

  2. It Is only a matter of time before he has a stroke either during a procedure or because of a procedure. its horrific what he has done to himself and the fact that there are Doctors who have taken the Hippocratic Oath and are still Ok with slicing and dicing him up really needs to be examined. This man needs a head doctor nor a plastic surgeon

  3. Can’t even watch the video. Worries me there are doctors who perform surgeries on him. Shocking. And for publications to refer to him as stunning is equally worrying.

  4. He’s a sad attention whore that belongs to a freak show.

  5. Seriously I really want to know does he wake up and thinks he really look good? Also, does he really think a man would actually be in love with him if finds him or love his money?

  6. Not cool…

  7. Sadly he probably suffers from severe body dysmorphic syndrome and his plastic surgeons need to have their licensed yanked for continually doing what this man wants. He will die early probably from his own hands, which is sad. Sadly when your rich you can find any doctor willing to do what you want them do to.

  8. OMG, this man has issues. He needs therapy, not surgery. Goes to show you that money talks. His sugar daddy paid for it all. What’s next? Point of no return!

  9. That nose. His voice sounds as if he’s speaking through a clarinet – he’s gone too far and ruined his sinuses.

  10. [email protected]

    Was he left in a hot car too long?

  11. Ribs removed? I think the surgeons accommodating him to extremes like this need as much help as he does…

  12. Apparently some plastic surgeons will do anything for money regardless of how bad the results.

  13. Michael Jackson became a chemistry experiment as he got older. This one has picked up the slack. Yes, he gives me the Leona Helmsley icks! The thought of having 4 ribs removed makes my skin crawl. This will, indeed, not end well. He’s now famous for being famous, but what else does he do? Where does his money come from. How can he think he’s attractive to anyone?

  14. He seems like he is very alone. This is not going to end well.

  15. Suddenly my own boring, miserable life feels so great right now.

  16. UGH, this guy….

  17. Augh…. such a moron. I guess he fails to see the difference between positive and negative attention. Does anyone else here believe he is currently 100 % content with his own appearance??
    I nominate you for the Tidepod challenge!!

  18. Am I the only one that gets Leona Helmsley chillz when I look at him?

  19. How in the world could he think he looks good?

  20. Thank you. I just vomited.

  21. Guy needs help.

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