!! OMG, Survivor: Edge Of Extincton’s Chris Underwood is revealed to be hiding a tropical anaconda !!

SHGAHGAAHSKASHJA… rather than us continue to mash the keyboard while our senses short-circuit – why not check out Survivor: Edge Of Extincton‘s Chris Underwood’s episode 2 ratings… spike care of contestant Chris Underwood… (under-wood is RIGHT) after the jump! We weren’t watching the show, but now we are somehow glued to the screen…

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20 Comments on "OMG, Survivor: Edge Of Extincton’s Chris Underwood is revealed to be hiding a tropical anaconda"

  1. Daaaaaaamn

  2. Has anyone noticed that during the 1st 2 or 3 episodes of each Survivor season, the guys are in underwear & suddenly they all start wearing new board shorts that they never had? And you never see them in underwear again for the rest of the season?

  3. The best part of OMG, are the comments from Shannon and RObert:-)) Makes me giggle evertime…. Im with Roert though… he is my HERO:-))

  4. He is hot!! I want him. Please cum and get me. I’m all yours

  5. Hot. Hot. I also wonder about the teacher Ron Clark. Wears a ring. No mention of spouse. He’s huge in education. Why not come out if he is. Would be very positive for those in education. Can’t find anything to confirm…?!?

  6. You Tired It | March 6, 2019 at 12:46 pm | Reply

    That’s clearly big low hanging balls, you’d think we’d be able to tell since most of us have a penis. You can see his actually penis above it.

    • Amanda Parker | May 26, 2019 at 9:49 am | Reply

      You’re exactly right. You can tell from the interupted horizontal pattern. The jury has spoken. It’s low hanging balls

  7. Yeah it is def. his balls hanging low which makes it even hotter. You can see where the penis ends on the gif. HOT AS F+”# THOUGH 🙂

  8. There have to be nudes out there

  9. Not only does it look like he is hung….but he is very handsome, great smile, awesome body, thick manly legs, and strong SOLID rounded butt. Yes I do watch Survivor…..still…after all these years.

  10. Survivor got interesting

  11. Nice sight. But those are his balls way down below. Not the end of his cock

  12. Finally this is getting out. I was wondering why these gifs weren’t all over the internet the day after it aired.

  13. That’s a big dick!


  15. Jeebus, it’s like an elephant’s trunk!

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