!! OMG, these new images from National Geographic will stop you from using plastic (hopefully) !!

Paper or plastic!? When you see these shocking new images of the planet suffocating in the latter, you may just change your mind! Check out a recent National Geographic issue that covers some of the bleak realities of where we’re headed if we don’t become more conscious of our plastics use. Find a full gallery after the jump!


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3 Comments on "OMG, these new images from National Geographic will stop you from using plastic (hopefully)"

  1. I read the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now larger than France.
    Larger. Than. France.
    I really hope my generation can fix what the Boomers screwed up.

    • Same. It breaks my heart.
      But it starts with us and it starts with awareness.
      Don’t just wish that our generation can fix it. Encourage it. Push for it. Speak on it. Make it a reality.
      LIVE it. I try to monitor my plastic consumption and resource consumption as much as possible. I try to constantly be a living example.
      It starts with us 🙂

    • I have read the same thing. Also have seen videos of dead birds washed up on shore. When Wildlife officials open the carcass up, they find bottle caps, plastic bags, the holders for 6 packs of soda, anything foreign that the birds can swallow.
      Now I take exception with your statement about Baby Boomers. We didn’t have plastic. almost everything now in plastic containers is the fault of the generations that followed. All too often, I see younger generations just throwing things on the ground that can be washed into the lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. Baby Boomers, like me, as much as it hurts our aging bodies, still look for garbage cans to throw bottles, cups, etc away. So put the conditions in the right place, not us old people.

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