!! OMG, this artist creates battle dogs from different breeds of pups !!

Artist Nikita Orlov draws animals in fabled roles and characters. Here’s how they came about it:

I saw a dog one day and I thought, “Hmm… it would be fun to make a centaur from a dog. I bet someone did it already!”. I googled and found none. Surprise! So I decided to do a couple of battledoges. I thought of a fantasy world where those doges could exist and what professions they might have. Soon I ended up with a whole pack. I posted them and people liked them. I was actually very surprised.

Things got rolling and now I`m collaborating with amazing guys from Punga Miniatures and soon in October, we will launch a Kickstarter for D&D “The Deck of Many” project by Cardamajigs. Also, there is an idea for a tabletop game.
And it all started from a simple and goofy ‘what if…’ idea.

Check out a gallery of some of their Battledogs after the jump!


[via boredpanda]

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  1. awesome – great work, thanks for the smile!

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