!! OMG, Travis Scott edited out trans icon Amanda Lepore from the final version of his #Astroworld album cover !!

Trans model, club queen and icon Amanda Lepore has called Travis Scott out via Instagram for removing her image from the album cover which features a bunch of naked women on it in various positions. Check out the comparison after the jump! Good for her for speaking up. Representation is worth fighting for!


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14 Comments on "OMG, Travis Scott edited out trans icon Amanda Lepore from the final version of his #Astroworld album cover"

  1. So what, poor thing she was left off a cover. Go have something inflated or lifted you whiney baby. Any of those other women were also considered for the cover but you didn’t make the cut, maybe because they wanted continuity in the colour scheme and you being whiter than snow just threw it off. You probably got paid for the photo shoot so shut up move on and stop trying to make this a transphobe bullshit thing……

  2. He’s hideous, I’d have edited him out of photo too. Detracts from the photo just by being in there.

  3. PretenderNX01 | August 3, 2018 at 8:39 am | Reply

    David LaChappelle is taking the blame saying she was too much of a focus on the original cover.

    Amanda Lepore has updated her caption with “Too distracting for the eyes ❗️Upstaged everyone in the photograph ❗️Oh well……….. I love @david_lachapelle and @travisscott ❗️Love and kisses ❤️”

  4. You gay motherfuckers who are being transphobic are the reason queer people still kill themselves. With all the shit that’s been stacked against you, you still find the time and energy to deliver negativity to those who have the same struggle. Runaway slaves who own slaves.

  5. I love her. She is an icon and lived her life the way she chose and started at a time when it was dangerous for her life. Those of you who are so “creeped out” by her are completely out of touch with her art. She has made herself into an magnificent art object. She is also a kind and very sweet individual and a great model. Those of you who have a lesser opinion of her without knowing her are small minded dullards. Go back to Walmart.

  6. 1. This guy didn’t edit anything and probably still hasn’t heard the news. A photographer did the work and made the decision.
    2. LePore was considered for the cover of this album so it’s not likely that the photog was “transphobic”. The photog then decided to remove one of the models for artistic reasons. It could have been one of the other naked women.
    3. The photog could have avoided this controversy by never considering put Le Pore on the cover. Think about that before you hassel the Photog or Travis Scoot.

  7. As a gay man I should stick up for her, but she is overrated, had way too much surgery, and frankly is not pretty. She creeps me out – someone should definitely stop her from having any more surgeries, but I think she probably has body dysmorphia unfortunately 🙁

  8. Samuel S Croft | August 2, 2018 at 4:27 pm | Reply

    I’m all for trans people and wish them all much luck in finding themselves inside and out but, that is just ugly scary. Why go through all of that and make yourself a freak? Were I a transwoman I would go for drop-dead gorgeous but this is the stuff nightmares are made of. Gurl needa repair!

  9. OMG This world has gone to Shit in Wheelbarrow

  10. Good Lord, can you blame him??

  11. The only edit is her. Travis Scott can go fuck himself.

  12. Good lord he is ugly! Transphobic too. Double ugly.

  13. OOPS…lol
    Sorry girl….you can’t make the cut every time.

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