!! OMG, he’s naked: Actor Luke Benward !!

Luke Benward is an American actor and singer. He is known for his first starring role as Billy Forrester in How to Eat Fried Worms, and as Charlie Tuttle in the Disney film Minutemen. Check him out after the NSFW jump!


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30 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Actor Luke Benward"

  1. omg i want that cock it looks so delicious also i love his hairy chest and i bet he has some hairy balls i would love to swallow too

  2. He looks VERY different with the beard and chest fur. Just saw him as “Bo” in “Dumplin’” (the new Netflix movie produced by Dolly Parton) and he looks like a completely different person shaved and with short hair. Hot… but I’d have to say the clean-shaven version is hotter.

  3. I like them hairy… yum

  4. This guys is one of the best nudes I’ve ever seen
    Low hanging balls✔
    Big dick✔
    Lustful eyes✔

  5. Been lusting after this guy the first time I saw him in that Melissa movie. He DID NOT disappoint.

  6. He looks amazing to me. Not to found of the beard but the rest of him is perfection. Guessing he has a hairy ass to. LOL. Love that ball sacks, and balls to. Could play with him ALL night long, and into the next day to. : P

  7. He turned into a little fur bear. Not into overgrown gardens personally, but he is a cute guy. Dat face makes my heart skip a beat every time.

  8. He’s handsome and his dick is amazing. But… I prefer hair on guys a bit older.

  9. Don’t break that tiny thing off…!

  10. wolverinetodd | August 3, 2018 at 8:32 am | Reply

    Perfection. Absolute perfection.

    I hope more pics like this leak, especially pics that show off his hairy ass and his hot, hard cock nutting onto his furry chest and stomach.

  11. Thanx! I like my man boobs too!

  12. YUCK!!!!!!

  13. Andre Oosthuyzen | August 3, 2018 at 12:25 am | Reply

    What a great boddy and that hair makes me wet

  14. Bruce Alexander | August 2, 2018 at 11:52 pm | Reply

    He’s cute, I’ll give him that. But….he is way to hairy for me, and I really prefer cut cocks over uncut. His balls look delicious though.

  15. Wow! hot hot hot!

  16. Prefer the twink version

  17. Thank goddess he threw out the Nair. One can have fur, yet show off a chiseled body. Harry Reems was a prime example.

  18. Just saw him in LIFE OF THE PARTY – thought he was quite sexy. Didn’t realize he was a such a hairy beast 😉 RAWR

  19. elsayed ismail | August 2, 2018 at 5:07 pm | Reply

    his body is hairy and sexy ,he has beautiful penis

  20. Too much hair. sorry.

  21. Kevin Larkin | August 2, 2018 at 4:35 pm | Reply

    Jeez, he must be saving a fortune now he’s stopped waxing!!

  22. My God…. That hairy chest and happy trail was enough for me. Could bury my face in that for hours… Make my way down to that yummy looking cock.

  23. Crap… fell for the “Rite of passage” nude pics…

  24. Dam he is hot-would love to run my tongue all over that chest and crotch-whats his ass look like

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