!! OMG, Vic Berger presents: Gavin McInnes explains why he started his Alt-right gang ‘The Proud Boys’ !!

Is this the scariest video you’ll see this October? Maybe! Gavin McInnes is actually the co-founder of Vice Media and Vice Magazine so it may come as shocking that he is also co-founder of the Alt-right group The Proud Boys and is now pushing his mandate of Trump-supporting hipster Hitlers to use violence and murder as a means of intimidation and harm towards the many groups he and his followers discriminate against.

Check out Vic Berger‘s recent video highlighting some of McInnes’ Alt-right motivations in his own words. Terrifying and ridiculous.

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6 Comments on "OMG, Vic Berger presents: Gavin McInnes explains why he started his Alt-right gang ‘The Proud Boys’"

  1. Here’s the thing. This douchebag says his mantra is “We will KILL you.” Like, oooohhhh, scary. Gavin McInnes has never killed anyone in his life. And he probably never will. And if he does, in all likelihood he’ll be caught and go to prison, where he’ll end up being a lovely wife for some guy who actually *is* as tough as McInnes pretends to be.

  2. Creepy is right! The one of him in his tighty whities with the Naked Cowboy is especially awful. My friend and I saw the Naked Cowboy walking into a car park in Manhattan. It was January and his flesh was full of goosebumps, even though he’s tanned and healthy. That was creepy as well!

  3. ‘I’m a nationalist!’: Trump makes stunning confession he noted his aides warned him against. This is why hate is alive and well because 45 is a Nazi.

  4. Why would you give hate a platform sometimes I feel like you whites really don’t Want racism to end because you put it up on your websites just for clicks

  5. What’s even scarier is googling for his naked pics. Also pics of him spreading his butt hole and inserting a butt plug on camera, on his pod cast show. SCARY

  6. The reality of Vice has been widely known and fully reported for ages, including the MSM. People just want to believe what they already believe. No challenges, no sleepless nights, no critical thinking. However you voted, this kind of normalization of what’s “not normal” is what allowed Trump to become a candidate in the first place. Everyone who fell for this BS is complicit. Yes vote, no decent American would not, but if you think that voting alone is enough to turn the tide you’re wrong. Thank you for this post.

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